Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something Scribbled

Unraveled by the charm
Unnerved by the nonchalance
Token emblem’s sleeve worn torn
Stir-fried semblance of obsidian tact
Dark entities approach
Gaseous calm
Shutter-speed enveloping squelch of anima
Force shield fragments,
Permutation of operational theorems
Between the finger
Above the tongue

A sabre duel between man and air
In such cases mortality always will fail
Wretch those serpentine slivers
Out from beneath Heavenly mirrors
Consistency of purpose
Tangibility of thought
Quenching the solution
Before bears a cause

1 comment:

  1. Like the thought of a sabre duel between man and air. It's always there and some time they are just full of hot air, yet it still blows them down and they fail no matter what side of town. And yeah much doom can come from thinking you have the solution without first knowing what one is asking.