Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Killed Orpheus

It’s not my fault
I’ve heard from others that your words speak
I’ve been informed your music addicts the soul
Yet, still, I cannot hear or feel

An extraneous birth I’ve bled
A foreign substance beneath the tongue
Subcutaneous- bludgeoned within

Orpheus, did you find your bride?
I’m sorry, from my hands your heart did stop

My mind is an athenaeum
Comprehensive, vast

Hollowed are my thoughts of you
For each hand etched syllabic impression-
For the beautification flowering from your song-
Circumvent me- an incomplete wager yet anted toward
Vacuous void, a void to see

I’ve reserved a space- a lee- to rest your stoned-in-tomb


  1. "For each hand etched syllabic impression"

    The imagery in this piece is really powerful.

  2. So many tales, thoughts and allusions can be credited to the Orpheaus tale, you yet gave it another stitch in it's sail. I know most of the myth surrounding him, so can see these work with them great and I'm not in the dark or dim..haha Thought he could fool hades and be all grand, then he had to wander the land.

  3. Mama, thanks I really appreciate that, so glad you enjoyed it

    Pat, yeah The Orpheus tale is great, one of my favorites for sure. Glad you liked it, and as always thanks for the great feedback

  4. Ayala, thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it:)