Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Good Father

Door Knobs clog, puttering with-
Explanation- by making stories
Sadness- with clever quips

Corduroy jacks can’t life the spare
A circle of valor sleeps
As all things mount

Some visit the well
Some transform in else
Many tears will fall
This you cannot defend-
But from sorrow or Joy-
That’s a game for playing

Jagged symbols clash in sync
Burdening the world you try to bring

Hems of meanings strewn
Seeds sown often listen to others
Sometimes it’s better to be a friend
But mainly you should be a father

The claustrophobia of sentinels
The silent echoes in the night
The worried welts we build inside
All worth the price of a smiling face

A good father will provide
At all costs, thinking only as to how

In a land condemned by greed
In a land alive with infamy
A good father will protect his own
A good father will protect his home.


  1. That last stanza really made the piece, very well done, it just gave it the perfect close. It is also sad there doesn't seem to be that many good fathers around, I've seen many that would sell out their family for money or some other stupid crap, or just use their kids as an excuse or crutch. Sad indeed, but there are many who will still stand up, guess just more seem to be going the other route this day in age.

  2. amen brother....a good father cares for the family and does not count the cost...nice msg in this...

  3. Yeah, totally agree with both of your comments. I have to say I've been luck in this matter and perhaps this is why I can't understand how so many people out there just can act like they do with their kids. It's a blessing that should be held to the highest degree and where everything in your power is done to ensure their safety and happy upbringing. Thanks for the feedback, awesome comments as is the norm with you guys. Thanks again