Sunday, October 16, 2011

Disorientation in the AM.

I awoke with a strange aura glistening the room.
At first I felt frightened, then I don't know what

But as always, logic solved

After the waking moments waked
I realized I had installed these little tap on lights
underneath the book shelves

must've forgot to turn them off...

Could there be another explanation?

most likely...
         but I don't want to dream on that
         line. I've been down that path too
         often for it to only be dream.


If the lights are on the morrow


  1. Interesting how we wake up, still in that not quite awake state and are mind interprets things more, magically or kid like, if that's the right word, than if we are fully awake and then just pffft blow it off with some logical explanation.

  2. This happens to me -- Wake up and find that I left a light on. I don't think I want to think about other explanation unless, yes, if it happens the next night and a few more times. That would be rather scary. Might be ghosts or circuit problems. Anyway, most of us rationalize so much, if a ghost ever crossed our paths or touched us, I wonder if we would even notice or realize. Logic will not give in so easily surely.

  3. Yeah this disorientation thing happens to us all. Actually when I used to work on the road so many months out of the year I'd wake up having no clue where I was, a bit different than this piece but still along the same lines. Raven yeah we probably wouldn't even notice them with all the rationalization. But personally I rationalize everything and I guess it's how I"m wired but I guess that might be why I like science fiction and mythology as it truly does let me think outside my normal mindset.