Thursday, October 6, 2011

Contract Killer

She took the hilt
Between the teeth
Twisting round
Pushing leather deep

Unsheathed, raw steel shines alive
At the casualty of sound to come

Syncopations rhythm grows
Primal surge, crescendo

Under the mask of day
Collides the guise of night
Under the cutest grin
A smile’s born in sin
Constriction tightens its clutch
That’s when her eyes rolled to touch

Squirming from anguished horizon
Into a chalice of trust
Flora ignites the pleasured scent
As the poppy’s milk skews sense numb
From a frenzied savagery
Ascension crests,
A transformation through thrashing
Sinews debased: Corporeal, feral,
As spindrifts snuff
In unison

Rise she does
In deepest gleam,
Forcing rancor to the forefront of gaze

She took the hilt
Between her fists
With violence descending quick
And soon the sternum breaks

Unsheathed, raw steel’s a dull grey
As a casualty of lust, trust’s betrayed

Gasping; flailing incoherent
She places finger upon lip
Whispers the darkness comes quick
Forever stained with the wash of her
Never to bathe again

…And she redresses
Knowing the soul’s lingering
Eyes watch as she pens
Three words into still smooth flesh


Near a freshly painted paneling
There’s a window that leads out
Through the paper-thin screen
A reddened daybreak can be seen
Illuminating what remains of last night

 I don't know where this one came from, but thought it an interesting idea and decided to roll with it, of course blurring the lines a bit.


  1. i was thinking she was a pretty wicked contract killer until the do not resusitate...and then i though perhaps of mercy killing one that wanted it...the betrayal of trust is a bitter pill to swallow...

  2. That was very intense for here today, you witness something vile your way?..haha. Or did you act on those impulses from before and this is a sort of confession to your murderous rampage tour?..haha. Wait I don't want to know, then you might have to shut me up because a whistle I could blow. But I'm a cat not a rat. Okay went way off there..haha. Like how you started and kind of ended like nothing ever happened, what was done at night had stayed at night and got lost to it. Rhyming was spot on too, of course I'd notice that.

  3. Interesting you both took a different angle in your reads. Both are very interesting and Brian, I had to really think about that- I didn't intend for mercy to appear- but you're right I can see how you could take that- Betrayal is a bitter pill indeed.

    Pat- No, no, nothing vile this way does not come. Impulses are but in the brain on in the thumbs-playstation 3 anyhow- can do a lot of damage there without a price to pay-always a reset to use ha Love the cat/rat line that's great. That nothing ever happened angle is another I hadn't intended but again, after going back I can see it. Yeah can't ever pull a rhyming coup on you lol

    Glad you guys liked the write. Thanks for the feedback- excellent as usual