Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chilly little Worm

This poem is really the offspring of pure nonsense.  I've been trying for the past two weeks to write some Double Dactyl's and I've been failing miserably.  So yesterday, while trying to write one, Mary The Ice Cube, by Primus, happened to pop up on my Ipod's random play.  So, while trying to think of nonsense, which is needed for the Double Dactyl, I happened to start humming along to the song.  So, this song/poem, whatever you want to call it, is meant to be sung to Mary The Ice Cube.  Well, I seemed to find the nonsense I was looking for, yet the Double Dactyl continues to elude me.

Chilly little worm
Oh chilly little worm
Oh chilly little worm, oh chilly

Crawled from the hole
Right there in the ground
Oh he crawled from the hole
That chilly little worm crawled
Right there in the ground
Oh, the chilly little worm
Crawled, right there in the ground, Oh Chilly

The chilly little worm
Crawled, right there in the ground
 Crawling little worm slithering in mud
Crawling little worm, chilly in the ground
Chilly in the ground, crawling round in mud
Chilly in the mud, crawling in the ground
Oh that chilly little worm did crawl in the ground
And that chilly little worm crawled out in the mud
Out there, in the mud, in the chilly ground
Out there in the ground, out there, in the mud
The chilly little worm crawled, oh chilly


  1. So was the worm really that chilly, all the way down to his willy?..hahaha..wait do worms even have one of those?..haha As you know I'm all for nonsense, this one was quite fun to read, although now I think I feel a chill it kind of gave me a thrill..hahaha

  2. haha...and soon it will be the birds can enjoy a

  3. Pat, ha ha, no freeing willy in this verse, all though I don't believe they do, but I'm not sure. I do know that back in high school I coined the phrase Earthworm Syndrome, in reference to a friend of mine, so hungover he was on the can eating pizza at the same time- as in earthworms it leaves as soon as it goes in, only leaving nutrients behind-lol

    Brian- you are write it will be frozen, and if the birds hang around, a frosty treat they will eat-lol