Sunday, October 2, 2011


She earned a few bad habits along the line,
Like the gentle gnawing
Upon the rims of glasses
Chipping enamel base inches deep
Often occasionally breaks off a piece
Placing teeth on ice.

Farmed out the favorite scene
Broke jaw from emulating her scream

Sometimes I like to write as if I was a telegraph operator during times of peril.  Typically it’s a war-time recreation.  Dash.  Dash.  Dash.  And so forth…Would be fun.   Kind of like speaking.  In tongues..  A variance in interpretation…  Yet really only one connection…One line of thought…one message…Process or Ignore.

How often are the children instructed to brutalize their neighbors?

Are parents teaching little man and darling girl, about the benefits gained from bullying all those little poindexters, Urkels and Earls?
Is society to blame?
Oh, who gives a damn about freedom of speech anyway-not when censorship contains so much promise?

-Tell that to the parent of a victim, innocent bearing but one crime- birth in the wrong school district- Touché

Yeah, I think it would cool, returning to some postcard scene.  Flyboy’s beware I’ve played Last Starfighter tens of times before!

Back in the day.  I’d find people and tell them how their legacies panned out.  I’d locate all those misfits and those ahead of their times, those living in duress- and explain all the monumental changes that exist in the modern age.  I’d find Rosy and tell her she’d fit in great today.  I’d grab a coke and tell the soda jerk- that the formula changes, then changes back, then changes again, then changes again- but not quite where it originally was, then changes back to the failed formula, only to revert it’s taste once more, but offering a bit of a different packaging and placing classic underneath it’s logo. 

I’d love to go to Vegas.  When it was all sand.  I’d grab a few and blow them to the wind. 


  1. This one sure had a style all it's own, great how you went from small verse to big paragraph and back again, really conveyed the thoughts that much more, as a bit more scrambled and question like. The last starfighter can't be beat and Urkel has those suspenders to show is neat feet...haha

  2. Pat- yeah the piece came out rather well if I do say so myself. It started off as a nervous girl waiting for a sentence to get passed down- but I bailed and let the mind wander where it chose to. Yeah Last starfighter's always been a favorite of mine. Would love if they'd do a remake, and I hate remakes- but just for the updated CGI et al.. think it would be one that I would certainly sign up to see. Glad you enjoyed the piece- and you know, I'm sure I'm not the first to do this- but I like how Urkel was able to be used synonymously for nerd-geek etc... It just popped in my head. Again, thanks for the feedback- great as usual