Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Ole' Boy

I got a four-door Silverado, and it’s painted black,
Just a good ole boy, detailed front-to-back

Rambling rebel,
Freeway, ninety-to-hell
My flag’s a-been a flying way up there,
About, in that dusty air of my rearview
The fun don’t start a-playing
Till’ you get them rollers stirred

Off-road, on-course
Mud-flaps, of course,
Spinning out and jumping mounds
This damn beast here can do so much more than drive

Branch and bark, part the path
When they see my grill, Chrome’s a-come hunkerin’ down
Trouncing brush at dawn and trampling root at night
Nature coughs to my delight

I got a four-door Silverado, and it’s painted black,
Just a good ole boy, detailed front-to-back

 Just a bit on the lighter side today.  Ever since the Diverse Prompt about getting into the mindset of someone else, I've been doing a bunch of smaller sketches, most are steeped in the humor of personality, this is one of those.


  1. haha...about all we have down here is good ole boys...jeans and wife beaters with a tin of skoal...smiles.

  2. Hey, yeah I know how it is. But you're in Virginia, go down a few more states, say south carolina or georgia- it's a religion down there. By the way, where in VA are you about- Near Richmond- That's where one of my favorite bands are from-just curious

  3. haha thank god I have no good old boys like this around, that would just be a scary sight, they can take their trucks and stay away from me. haha such fun to describe them though. Seen a few growing up though in a small town and yeah they were rather large and thought they were in charge..haha

  4. Pat, yeah they are nuts. Just raging up all kinds of hell. Very fun to describe indeed. Thanks

  5. Hi Fred - I wanted to invite you to the Poetry Crit/Discussion Group I've been running for over a year and a half now... we just moved to a great new site.. basically it's somewhere you can feel comfortable enough to post your work and get constructive feedback/crit on it ... we all learn from each other... boy I learnt more there than in all those years at college. Plenty of familiar faces too. If you are interested you'd be more than welcome. Here's the link -

    Cheers man, loving your poetry as ever