Saturday, October 15, 2011


 What came first, the bird or the Egg?

Passages flown with air,
Molecular divisions sift
Honeycomb walls
Into ventricles
Ventricles called Atria.

Cross flow
Capillaries Diffusion

The entire cavity of the body of a bird
Acts as a bellows, afforded our
Feathered friends to move air through their lungs

Bones fuse

Computer for the tail

Criss-crossing strut
Trusses of strength
---supracouideus flapping
between the beat of wings

“Hey, Bird Brain, sing for me?”


“ I said sing, I know you can do better than that”
(Lines up the Winchester—up, down, side to side)

Birds are known for their beautiful voices
Even that of the Raven
Or that of baby vultures
--speaking of which- all babies are the same- from fish to birds to oxen, from gorillas to lynx, to Human beings—all depend upon others, or predators will feast.  Yes predators will feast.

But digression aside, birds go great with coffee
No, not in the edible sense
But that gets me thinking- hmm.. Do all birds taste like chicken?

“Enough of this, sing, sing, sing or else”

So, when the bird wants to sing
It merely opens up Syrinx
No, different spelling
I don’t believe there are temples in avian vox
But different still
Really, how?

Fly away
Come fly away
Hollowed bones
Grab the wind
Spread your wings
Fly from here
Fly away
I’ll dream you’ve travelled
Travelled far
To a special place
One you’ll love
One you’ll never want to leave

They say, birds do anyhow,
That the family that flies together…

And I’ll wait for you
I’ll wait
For your springtime serenade

So, what became of Mr., hmm, never caught his name, so I’ll call him Sylvester Fudd?

Well the details are unclear
But the Winchester never left his ear
And the song was said to have been
So beautiful even he cried for ten.


  1. smiles...that is some birdsong...some interesting bits on their biology and where the song comes from...

  2. i don't think i really get it fully fred but what i got left me speechless

  3. Okay so I still don't know what came first. Through all the chirps and the singing all the cat wanted to do was have lunch..haha. The rhyme played to his ear quite well though. An intersting thought to ponder though. But the chicken came first, that's my theory and sticking to it. Oh and that cat won't take the coffee but the bird, the edible kind..haha

  4. Brian- yeah a bit of a biology lesson today- figured I'd post something about life after that brush with the devil and near-death-lol

    Claudia- This piece is basically a biology lesson that merges with cartoon and hunting, plus a bit of philosophical questioning along for the ride. Always great to hear I can take away your speech-but please, never your pen:)

    Pat- yeah the cat definitely takes the bird- always. Yeah, you'd think the chicken would have to come first, because they make the egg, but then you need the egg to get the chicken- unless of course there was some Adam and Eve like chicken out there- in which case I want the details around the Cain and Abel chickens-lol

    Thanks for reading- appreciate the feedback, was fun to read, thanks again

  5. Whoa, this is trippy! Just as I was marveling at how you were making that ornithology sing, you started waving the Winchester and cracking me up! This is very cool.

  6. Interesting movement of the poetry from anatomical to comical. The narrator is wanting the birds to sing, so he could spot them and shoot them isn't it? :D Nonetheless he seems fascinated by their nature and ways, these are sidethoughts while he waits it seems.

  7. Mama- glad you enjoyed the piece- I was doing a bit of cartoon play there at the end- so I'm glad the humor didn't go unnoticed

    Raven- thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the piece, yeah there is definitely that feel, yeah, I think he's a bit confused, which is where a bit of the humor comes into play- he think's the bird is trying to outwit him, which of course it is- and as the piece continues, it's supposed to show how the beauty in sound can quell the urges of this sort of person. Sort of how you read it, just a bit more- I probably wasn't as clear as I would've liked, at least that's how I felt when reading it over- I may go back and tweak a bit here or there, but not sure yet. Thanks again, great feedback as always