Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twisted T

Well first off, I had a stupid tongue-twister on my mind all morning. Darned shows for babies did one and my niece loved it, but that just goes to prove she's not yet a year.  Tongue twisters can be fun, for about two seconds, after that they can get quite annoying.  At least how that's how I see them.  So, what do I do?  Of course, I write a monstrosity of a tongue twister.  I'm pretty sure it tells a tale, at least it was doing that in my mind while writing, sitting there "now what's a word that means this, but starts with a T."  LOL.  

Anyhow- I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know, I do believe I got the twister bug out from inside of me:)

10-24-2011  Victoria is hosting a Monday Morning Writing Prompt today and the topic is on Alliteration.  I do realize that this piece is a bit on the extreme side of the topic, and perhaps it's a good example of how a little alliteration is pleasing to the tongue, but a little too much, while at first might be fun, is also a bit frazzling as well:)  Anyhow I had posted this twelve days ago and thought it would be nice to drop in something a bit different.

Tout Tautologies taught tightly to,
Three terrible teens thrice turned through,
Traps, tricks, tragedies tossed ‘til torn,
Troubled thoughts tease tired trails,
Tranquilly taking tries in teams,
Trivially talking, tasked to trip,
Tranquility through transcendent tomes turned torte,
Tartly twinkling teeny tots, toiling toward terrain too treacherous to train, thinking a tad too tragic to think as trained,
Totals of the total totality twirled and spun,
Tracking tricksters tresses torn to tree, tightly tugging at their topical tenacity, trading tomorrow for today, toasting the treats of town, taking the tokens to the trail of tears, toking tokes taken by thieves, tossing the turbines to the trees, tossing the tenseness to it’s toes, towing the tract of tacks, taxed in trillions, a tragedy tracked through topological talisman twiddling thumbs, to the tune of three triangles tinny notes.  Terror talks in tongues twisting ‘til trebles tend to telltale tics thought stale. Tell the truth. Take the test. The tangibility of tangency, tangential to the tactile touch, teases the truancy tended to by truants and teachers, traveling thoughts atop the toddler tongue.  Too, too tricky, this thrifty tic told text, taking t’s to task, taking the thermometer’s taste-tread tones to town. Tomorrow the tomorrow trails, today the today turns tail. 


  1. Bahhhh I'm blind, you T'd to death my little rhyming behind..hahaha Damn that was massive, I quit after the first little bit as tongue twisters can get rather dreary. But you really pulled out all the stops, I think this is the biggest one I've ever seen haha and yeah there is a moral in there somewhere, tomorrow could be brighter, today there are just too many blinding T's..haha

  2. I had a feeling you'd have a fit-lol I'll be waiting to see the ante upped over at Bush #3 I'm sure Orlin could do a twisting blister of tongue-tied rhyme. Yeah, I think it's the biggest one I've seen too. I just had to get the twist out of my head, oh what those shows made for babies can do to our minds:)

  3. Goodness gracious, how tripping this is to read! Traps and tricks, I think you well demonstrated your point through the tongue twister too. Oddly I'm seeing jaggedly progression as I read, T sounds making sharp stumbling points. Today seems to be about running away and not facing what will come, tomorrow goes on, only way to go.

  4. haha oh a challenge huh?...hmmm I may have to think on that. Yes when my apartment building caught fire I lived with my uncle and two year old for three months. I've seen enough of the wiggles and that other crap to last a life time..hahaha

  5. Raven, it is a bit of a trip. I'm just glad to get the twisting out of my mind-lol Jaggedness oh, most definitely. T's do make stumbling points as it goes one, I like the interpretation the twist in you spun- Great take, thanks again

  6. Ha HA, I knew the cat would not back down, from a rhyming, twisting spar of words:) I'm sure this tongue-twisted of epic proportions will look like a novella when the cat is through, and I bet he'll even make the entire thing rhyme in its twisting route. lol Yeah, those kiddy shows, they love em' but the repetition and horrible voices are enough to drive a sane man mad- so you can only imagine what they do to me-lol

  7. I thought I would drink a cup of t whilst reading this ;-)
    Totally titilating piece.

  8. Tino, nice comment:) I think I'll go make myself a Chai right now-thanks for the inspiration

  9. Fred, this is a hooth. See, I have this thpace bethween my theeth and my thongue's caught in ith now. Thanks for tharing!!!

  10. haha, that's great, love the comment. Thanks for hosting the prompt:)