Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The roughest plots oft reveal
Pragmatic poplars seeded still

A time for reflection is ever open
Exist it will now and always
Between the fabric glass that is tomorrow
And the brittle, yet encompassing cabinet,
With drawers of advice, from ghosts that once clothed-
-To specters of nakedness

Ill-optioned is the desperate crone,
Voiceless, anxious and very alone
Interred by the truth and the truth of turn-

If orders are given he must obey,
Despite the flaws the eyes can see-
Disobey or disagree- results in punishing
To carry out and fail kills the spirit within
What’s a crone to do?


  1. I had no idea until a while back that crones were mystical and such. I always heard it used in the "old bat" kind of way, like nutcase old woman she is. Saw it had so much more to it. Just another example of how through time a myth/tale can be dumbed down so much. I would not want the old hag to punish me, so the crone can go bibbity bobbity boo someone else..haha

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  3. hey i think it worked this time...haha...ok so interesting look at the crone...i really like the section on the fragility of the future and the cabinet to cover our nakedness...the third stanza captures their plight well...

  4. Pat- Yeah a lot of times if you look deep enough you'll find that most words started off meaning totally different things and throughout time and from people, the words and stories surrounding them get all mixed up- Glad you liked, Thanks for the feedback, I wouldn't want to punished by an old hag either, ha bibbity bobbity boo- nice movie reference

    Brian- Thanks, sorry about the comment has been removed- I accidentally posted your frustration over blogger- which yeah actually happened to me earlier today on a site- had to try three times, luckily I saved the comment first- but yeah, it's aggravating. Yeah that section struck out to me as well- glad you enjoyed the piece, thanks again, and my apologies for Big Bro Google messing around with the comments

  5. Knowing the right thing to do, but considering the chance that it may likely fail and would only lead to one feeling worse about everything... Why do it at all? I suspect such is the pain that make a person into a 'crone' eventually, an image of grumpiness and dishevel, bitterness, regret.

  6. Raven- very true- the right thing has different meanings- right thing ethically/morally, the right thing, as in it's your duty as in work, or what's right for you- which isn't always right for others. the worsening feeling you list is very accurate I think- and also like your closing statement- as it adds another layer to the notion. Thanks, great feedback as always:)