Friday, October 21, 2011

A Dissident

A discordant of discordancy
Argues constantly
In concert with consonance amiss

Balanced by imbalance
The bicuspid inharmoniously bites
In dissonance

So goes the path
So goes the trail
The radials of a dissident
Agree to disagree


  1. Some times no matter the person or the case, that is all one can do is agree to disagree. Of course if people learned to do it more cival and not go in blasting trying to change the others mind, which I guess would be they really didn't agree to anything or agreed to disagree on agreeing to disagree..haha

  2. Agreeing to disagree can bring a little relief. Sometimes synonymous to "give me a break."

    "Concert with consonance amiss" I could use that to describe a typical meeting over problems at work. :D

  3. Very effective, profound piece...

  4. Pat- yep, I love cyclical arguments- but yeah, sometimes just agreeing to disagree is what works the best- when I was a kid, well, teen, I used to get in a lot of arguments with my folks, and it was pathetic now looking back, but I used to get tired of the never ending nature to the argument- I would say my point, they theres and no compromise. So what I would do is a move I call the walk out- I'd just leave mid-argument, go in the room and let it end. Rarely would they follow me in. Now I just try not to argue-although- people, as you know-can make that quite the problem

  5. Raven- Give me a break is a good one, similar lines for sure. Yeah I like the way that line sounds and can typify my days in the office as well.

    Thanks Laurie, glad you enjoyed the piece