Monday, October 17, 2011

The Demon's Mother

Born on the banks,
Salty-water riptide stern
Burgeoning current- bound to stir

Backwater blush
Deposited silt and thrush
Swirling eddies grow in you

Entangled miles of entrenched sneer
Years ahead the years long before
Corrosive and indivisible—O’ what hate does breed

Chirping sharp, snorts and moans
If not for love, you’d have been without home
Misshapen smile and lizard skin
Solicits fear in them but anger in you

From cropped palate to claws & tail, each akin
To those boiled last weekend

Yet despite the alternative reality, from what we’ve been taught
This beastly sight, swaddled white, you hold to tight- preaching the fine line between disgust and delight

Everyone’s eyes avert—as if any child could be less than pure
Prayers line the lips of aunts at church
Each offering solution to his curse

Snarling weeds enrapt the hart
Roots connect deep in thee
Allowing the dead to breathe

Trimming clutter from the brook
Agonizing pains for a child so demanding
Yet all is well when he gives that look.

If a woman spends nine months of womb ripping pain, only to find an unexpected sight upon delivery—what does that do to the love shared between mother and child?

If this child is human in name alone—what toll does this have upon the mother-child paradigm—will she still decide to take him home?

What’s a mortal mom to do…
--but love this demon she’s birthed unto

 Well I took this topic of parenting in a different direction today, added a little bit of metaphor into the mix.  But the basic question is a parent loves their children regardless of "anything."  They can certainly disagree with decisions their children make, or become disappointed with actions etc... but they should, someplace inside of them, still love their children.  

I guess I've been reading a little too much psychology.  Whenever I see a mother or a father acting in less than ideal or horrendous manners I always wonder how their upbringing was, in fact it goes beyond this, anybody that does something what I at least, consider to be wrong, I think that perhaps if their upbringing was better things could have been different.  Now I'm sure that not ever ne'er do well comes from a bad family, but there is something to the train of thought, at least in terms of likelihood when put through a psychological filter anyhow.

The story that sparked this though is how a parent could go and have a blackout around their kids and then not know who took their child-lots of fishiness with that story.  So of course I instantly thought back to the Casey Anthony thing and it's a bit troubling to think of how things like these and others get going.  

Anyhow, glad I got that out.  Thanks for listening.


  1. Yeah it just does seem like one endless cycle, child gets bad upbringing, so they part that onto their kids and they kids never get out, it's just the same thing over and over again. Something is totally fisshy about that whole Casey Anthony thing too, but I won't rant like that stupid nutty woman on that stupid half assed news channel..haha

  2. Great piece!

    A mother killing a child is so repellent, so unnatural, that reason just can't grasp it.

  3. i think the love we're able to give depends a lot on how many love we received as a child and i like that you're not shrinking away from touching sensitive topics like this fred

  4. i think that part of loving a child is setting the appropraite boundaries for them...too many seem to think if you love them you let them do what they want without consequence and this is neglect...i am up to my shoulders in these battles everyday but thanks for the thought provoker

  5. Patt, completely agree, too many bad things in life are cyclical in nature and you'd think some link in the chain would realize what is happening, yet they never do, which is so unfortunate for all involved.

    MZ- Thanks, glad you liked the piece, I completely agree with you

    Claudia, completely agree, it's the parents responsibility to make sure there kids are not only safe but guided properly. Thanks, I've never been one to shrink away from any subject really, but I do think the D'verse theme the other day got me thinking about some of these things more, which is a good thing for sure

    Brian, Yep, boundaries are important, they don't like them most of the time but eventually will understand and appreciate what you did for them. Agree, too many allow their kids to roam free, do what they want, when they want, which creates many problems for the current time and as they age they'll have this selfish me-first and me-alone attitude. In what you do I can only imagine some of the cases that you see. I don't think I'd be able to handle it, would grow razor blades under the skin for me.

    Thanks to everyone, great feedback today on this piece. Really appreciate it.