Sunday, October 2, 2011


Our most inspired Peaks,
Hold but a fraction of power,
Compared to the possessions and
Characteristics wept for, in our most
Fractured states.

Do unto others as you’d have done unto yourself
Eye for eye
Tooth for tooth
Fillings and contacts all
Turn the horn
Drink it dry

If evil hath been done unto your person-
Evil then, can be wished
upon imposing devils
Carousing within your staid

Auger with snake-like shine
Spinning blades 
Into the sewage of your chest


  1. This is another attempt to leave a comment Fred! Not sure whay the other three just vanished? Anywho, I really enjoyed this piece and found it excellently stimulating for the mind! Cheers!

    Roger ☺

  2. It does feel like a right to hurt others just because you've been hurt yourself. Someone has to pay and we don't care who. Sometimes going for the goal is not about achieving a dream, but just an act of retaliation or revenge. A rather nasty image at the end there - imagine the mess.

  3. Do I sense a tad bit of anger today, coming from your way, first sin and now revenge, stabbing one in the chest, make sure you don't get caught and head due west or south, as Pananma has no extradition, so you would get thrown in jail and stuck in an awkward position...haha...oh look what you did, made me flip my lid, remember revenge might not work and always watch out for witnesses as they lurk...haha

  4. Roger- sorry you had trouble commenting, I know what you probably went through- happened to me a few times on various blogger blogs this week- it's probably due to their switchover to the new interface- but again, sorry about that. They just disappear into the ether- perhaps to return one day unexpected lol Glad you enjoyed the piece, thanks for stopping by, always appreciate the feedback

  5. Rave, yeah it does feel that way sometimes. The end image is a bit gruesome, but I thought summed up the entirety pretty well, and then again I've never been one to abstain from a bit of gore here and there:) But revenge definitely swoops into your mind and can really alter perceptions. Thanks for the feedback, as always insightful comments, much appreciated

  6. Pat, yeah a tad bit of anger's been bubbling lately. A bit of an injustice took place to me and in times like this it makes me love poetry all the ever more- great outlet for anger and hatred in general as it is for other emotions. but really helps the venting process because I couldn't do half the things I'd dream of if I had a gallon of moonshine running through my system and a free pass from God himself. Not in me. And yeah that whole traveling thing- panama- or Canada-haha would be too much for me to handle lol glad you enjoyed the write and it's always does the mind a bit of good to flip a lid from time to time