Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ordered Pairs

We are all ordered pairs-
That makes a difference
In giving substance to our meaning

Timelines scattered-
By buckshot-
Pennies, quarters, shrapnel mess-
Diagrams plot us,
Here and everywhere-

Are we nothing but proportional fonts?
Characters & devourers of space
Oftentimes in a life of varying dependency-
Processed solely in protected mode-
When the arm is severed from the leg-
Our voices squelch, our hands regroup the sides

Strychnine, Curare
When powdering of seeds
Spasms may occur-
Uneven breaths taken


  1. the first twwo stanzas are really tight and bring to mind the scattered families across the world, much different than previous generations...the third asks a hard, but needed question....

  2. So I take it today breathing is in order or something along those lines? As the pairs are ordered here, with spasms when one lung refuses to get into gear and above the breathing takes place, both interesting pieces for sure at your place.

  3. Brian, almost identical to what I was thinking with those first two stanzas- and yes, the 3rd one is something that needs asking. Thanks for the feedback

    Pat, no this one doesn't have anything to do with the other one, but I can see your point with the connection between breathing and spasm, interesting take indeed. Glad you enjoyed the piece and thanks again