Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

Evil charmed a CLEO with it’s:
Building Hate…One Ire at a time

Blindness caught a whirlwind of media attention for its:
Visions you just don’t see everyday
Not for profit promotional plea

Pain, promoted itself well with the spin heard round the world:
For the agony that aches each day….Pain is free

Not surprisingly, Weakness failed, when first airing its PSA:
Feebly crawling toward futility

Indecision idled, it wasn’t sure, but thought perhaps their program
Advice for the decidedly undecided
Could potentially offer something some may or may not decide upon

Other notables:
Failure: Victory’s lost are losses gained

Hope:  Dreaming above reality

Confusion: The Vaguest of The Vague: Hazy Descriptions of Possible Possibilities

Deceit:  1.   Truthfully fabricating since…
             2.  Deception: Available in Every Language

 Well, I missed my first day posting yesterday.  Between this and that I just couldn't get on-line yesterday.  I'm going to make up for it later on.  I have a few posts going up today but just looked at the clock, so I'll have to post this one, which is just some fun I was jotting down.  I'll post the others later and then try to catch up on two days of reading, hopefully this thing I have today won't take that long.  


  1. Mama, glad you liked this. Something a bit different here, but I write stuff like this all the time, here and there in my notepads, perhaps I'll post some more going forward. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. is it just me or do marketing campaigns state the obvious? A matter of guessing what sounds right and can catch your eye. You think they are telling you, but it's already along the lines of how you think things should be.

    Love the notables. :D

  3. hahaha great take on the marketing lap, many things are used to try and close the gap between sales and customer wails. Used some here and there and as with everyone seen many blare. Just have to be aware what they use, so your wallet doesn't blow a fuse..haha

  4. Raven, no I agree with you. Marketing campaigns try to guess what you're feeling or should feel about something and try to use it to their advantage. It's part of the fun of the ad game. this was a lot of fun to do- yeah the notables Deceit especially are favorites of mine along with the evil one in here for certain. Thanks again

  5. Pat, thanks I like to dabble in the marketing gamble from time to time. Writing commercials and print ads for the fad of it. Yes indeed many tools are used to close that wall, and millions of dollars pay for it all, then if it fails we see heads roll as the item stalls. Some products should simply be non-marketed though, cars for example: Who honestly sees a car commercial and says oh, wow I really need to go out later and pick up that new Mercedes or Jaguar- stuff like that save on the ads and lower the prices and perhaps more will sell. Thanks again, always fun hearing your takes and philosophical thoughts