Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Paper Cemetery

A paper cemetery
Misshapen tombs,
Above lands grave
Destined for circular ends

Alar; hollow

Back-stories triggered
By a violent strike of sound

As contrasting marble
Slow dances with shale
A sickened affirmative
Droops its heedlessness

Grapnel; sullied

Ornamental gates
Creaking a minor smear

Lamp-less lanterns flood the rive
As curtails crisscross the skimming sky


  1. haha just makes me want that pringle can when I go that much more..haha.

    But yeah paper does seem to be dying out, I guess the trees are being saved, so I have some protection still at bush number three..haha. It will always be around, just will dwindle away as time goes on and each persons shelf will be like their own cemetary of sorts.

  2. Oh That pringle cam, let me tell you-lol Good take on the piece, very close to what I had in mind when I started it out- Thanks for the feedback, excellent as always

  3. intriguing write and image with the paper cemetery...could be understood in different ways...smiles on pat's comment...this is the good thing with all the internet writing...on the other hand all the servers which need lots of energy..recently read an article about google's server farms...unbelievable...but that's off-topic...enjoyed your poem fred - and mine was about words by the way...

  4. This a a marvelous creepy feel to it.

    "Alar; hollow."

    I also love that as a stand alone line.

  5. dude...well spun with some fantastic imagery...and fun word play...i dont want to let go of paper...i like the tangible feel...