Friday, September 16, 2011

Strung Out

You’re so Vain,” Carly Simon Say(s).  Anything-Goes to Hell, on wheels, of fortune ate son.  Of a (smoking) GUN-IT!- LIVES

Come Blow Your Horn, Neil Simon Say(s). Who (DAT? “You?) Are my sunshine/ My Only Sunshine/ You make me Happy/ When Skies are grey”-Goose, is loose, ends meet-and greet(ing) cards, are dealt.

“The Sounds of Silence,” Paul Simon Say(s).  Something Wicked This Way “Come(s)-Together, Right Now Over Meand you and everyone we know-Your Role-Playing- God- Part II.

“Let Me Taste Your Ware,” Said Simple Simon- Peter- Paul & Mary-(MARY, MARY, WHY YOU BUGGIN)-Eyes Wide Shut-The Front Door-behind a painting- “…Pictures of You, that I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel”

“Oo-ee, oo-ah-ah, ting-tang, walla-walla, bing-bang,” Simon say(s)-Uncle-Sam-Spade a Spayed-Dog-Days of Summer-Time-runs out-Of Luck-runs Out-of bounds-of advocacy.

“You’re so vain, I bet you think this (____) is about you”


  1. So Tom Cruise thinks CCR can't lose, even if their full of Grease, I know most of the rest but not enough to make them work, so those three will have to do as I lurk. Wouldn't want to get some wrong like you..hahaha...for actors you had TWO!

  2. This piece was a blast to write. So much in here you'd have to be in my mind to catch them all. But the main point is each word, after the stanzas intro feeds into the next word, creating a new reference within. Again, was a lot of fun. Thanks, glad you lurk lol

    Really, I thought I'd have missed more than 2 wow, I just looked and I can't believe I put down Wayne, the minute I saw you wrote Cooper I pulled a homer simpson, It was fun over at your lot, lots of movie fun to toss about.

    Anyhow thanks again