Monday, September 5, 2011

Angry Mobs

Vagabond America
Shawls wrapped to sides
The hidden wonders Jawa disguised

Knelt forth
To the sun
In peace
While somewhere a chant of blood’s begun
Where eyes sored over
Scabbed with aggressive pauses and spiteful lies
A Jambalaya of cultures misjudged judged enemy

When such froth boils
Some ire spills its taint
Clouding retina with a hazy rose
A collaboration of red filtration
A Jambalaya of mistrust and hate
Making plans against the enemy
When an enema would be the wiser course of battle

…and then the Stormtroopers sing again
an olden song of linguistic ends
Affirmed by the rancor of the angered sloth
With tongues so easily crossed

To linger in the abscess
Is to pick cysts
And watch wounds clot
Atop damaged shells
And the souls in rot


  1. Mobs are fascinating yet stupid all at the same time. It seems just because a confused/bigoted person starts ranting a bunch more joins in, seeing that he's getting attention and then you get riots and ll that crap. You'd think humans would wise up by nowand get over such petty crap. Now you got me ranting..haha..great piece.

  2. Pat, thanks, mob mentality is baffling, anger amongst the masses typically turns out to widespread hate and never turns out well. Otherwise level headed people wind up getting consumed and all hell breaks loose. There is something though to think about, how does one allow themselves to get sucked into this line of thinking. Is it the charismatic lunatic riling them up, or years of experience showing them this sort of thing is rational? Not sure, but came together well for me, and In it I was able to throw 4 pretty cool references in there, 1 twice in the same bit. Thanks again, glad you enjoyed the write