Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wounds first appear dry
Eventually they split and tear
Until it becomes who you are

In cogent clemency
Salt mines bitter wit
Derisive to the sum of wholes

Salutations stir in winding sheets
Upon the scapulars of whispered words
Tendrils dance in shadow, amongst vetch’s climb

         Misanthropic stew in rot
         Clothes the inner seal
         With an evince of reproach

         Coated generic stem to vine
         Epoxied days number near
         Reddish mount, clotting strain

         Calendar grimaces percent of claim
         Solidifying pessimistic droves of sludge
         Inevitability serrates the breeder’s guilt

         Dew thistles valley
         As moistened arrows split the spares
         Isolating tightly exposed clench

         Circumvolved oculus axis’ spin
         Gyration’s hypothetic pose
         Enabling fluid’s covetous sheath

         Minor threat, severest to limb and bone
         Disjointed treachery sprains; birthed in lax
         Excruciating is the burning; mushrooming inside

         Displeasure and violent throngs
         Push the impetus to nozzle high
         Urging reluctance ghost on promenade
         Piquant cells Identify anew
         Scored in searing plausible
         Violation of the indices

         Saline purge sweeps the sore
         Brackish scents begin to swirl
Igniting suppuration’s vulgar kiss

         A monitored fault line
         Corrodes receptivity
         And thus, a birth begins

         Numbness apothecary
         Slits a-stir in a briny blur
         Yet nothing is comparable to a drug inert

         Phoenix imprints its trail with blood-burned flame
         Wounds shed marooned tide; cluster, frozen drips divide
         Lips yet pinched, its aim to cloud, falsetto under guise of pearl

         Altered patterns replace tendency
         Inflecting skewed canvas (prospecting of cavity)
         Deadened by, yet alive through

         A rearranged point of view; dangling; shredding skins that shed
         Delirium and Restlessness’ commingled commonalities
         Abnormally restructuring constituency

         Inception guarantees nothing
         Belly’s bloat cannot claim psychic craft
         It’s the emblem and insignia, X & Y elated in creative act
         It is what a parent needs to believe
         That said seed blooms to birth, is deemed hale  
         While pronunciation guides each word it learns to speak
         But, it is only through misfortune
         That the fallacy of blueprint skirts the mind
Expedited random twitch, in skull, to tips
Chirping signals loud and dry
But only one correct answer looms
Yet many choose the fault-line
As the easiest of immoral flagrancies
Walked away,
From the nesting sweet,
Each and every dream,
Ignoring your role in all
Washed hands with tears still numb
Crumpled blueprint skims the can

Salt burns until endings deaden
To void with closed eye alone
Does not change the text
You are still the creator
And love is what your monster craves
For a father, the son still needs

Defective. Nil.
Abnormal. Nil
Alive. Still
Beautiful. Yes
Desires. Same
Pains. Too.
Blood still red. Like your own, is your own.

 I look forward to every Tuesday, as that's the day Open Link Night takes place over at D'verse.  This week Brian Miller is hosting the party this week, no doubt eager to get ready for a long, but inspiring night of poetry, pints and shots lining the bar.  

As for me, I like to offer something a bit different each week.  I guess you could say that, for the most part, I put down experimental pieces each week-all in the name of diversity of course.  This weeks no different.  As I spent some time the past few days trying to come up with a theme, neat game or some nifty wordplay I just wasn't feeling it. I was having a little bit of trouble finding an inspiration.  But, as seems to be the norm, when I wasn't expecting anything, an idea formed.                 

I was scanning through a Medical Dictionary, looking for inspiration and a few terms found did the trick.  This piece is intentionally choppy, disjointed and left broken.  My intent is to bring about several responses at once, discomfort, confusion, sadness, disgust and reflection.  


  1. dude, nicely spun...becoming our wounds in the first makes a great metaphor for the lives of many...some of these are painful to read...particularly number IV...vivid and intense in your imagery throughout...see you in a bit!

  2. You will never confuse me, but disgust my ocd. Ewww medical terms, oh the germs. I can't take it any more, close the door on this medical tour..haha

    Very creative indeed, the titles were really eye catching too. Sure was a bit choppy, but not sloppy, unless you get a crappy surgeon, then that could be bad and you could be a scrotumless lad..haha...enjoyed it, but curled my nose up too.

  3. Brian, thanks man, appreciate the words. Becoming our wounds is something I think of all too much these days- I guess, in a way, I wanted to draw some attention in that regards, not so much as to my particular case, but how before someone has an injury or a problem medically life my seem rosy, or at the very least, and was the case for me, you simply phase ills away, ignoring what does not play a role in your life-and then thunder strikes and you're eyes grow all too wide awake- I have to say I wasn't very understanding or empathetic to "strange" things, but since awareness and empathy is through the roof. Guess that's a positive I can take. Glad you enjoyed the piece and seems like some of the intended discomfort came through- thanks as always-

  4. Pat, Confuse the cat, no, nyet to that. Yeah medical terms can be a bit off-putting, for their sounds and for the mainly negative connotations they represent. But I've grown to appreciate all types of words and sometimes I just like to blindly sift through the pages of "other worlds," never knowing when an inspiration may rear it's pretty head.

    The titles came about after I was nearly through with the write. They were included within various verses, and thought they were both Eye Catching and Foreign for most, so thought I'd use the headlines. Crappy surgeons are the worst, as they chalk it up to a bad day, pay the increase to their malpractice fees while the patient's life is left at unease- Sloppy is bad, well sometimes, glad to see, that in this way I didn't shine. Curling the nose was an intended goal, glad you enjoyed the piece- thanks again

  5. Powerful images and thoughts, Fred. The 7th section is sticking with me. Keep it rocking.

  6. an ocean of deep blast marvels - i swam in this baby for a while -wildly imaginative fearless and strong because of your bravery to express your self as you want - i recognise your character and this is an essential part of the experience - nice work Fred

  7. bro...This is sick. I really liked this. You have such range and you always take the time to ensure to go full tilt when putting down words....I really like a blog known as Prophetic Introspection. Its in my links...You will dig that poetry...Its Raw, and unique as hell. Definitely give it a look. Great Job Man.

  8. Wow this is so deep on many levels and from so many different angles too. It has pain of self and others, understanding of the life cycle from sex/lovemaking, conception, life, from birth to death. It is quite a master piece of a work of Art Fred shows great inner growth of the writer (you)
    Intricate and lovely.

  9. I never thought of getting inspiration from there. I admire your carefully chosen words here, knowing the time and care you gave it. I like the first and last verses though...made me think out of the box.

    Happy OLN ~

  10. You probe the weaknesses(and strengths) or our physical beings, and induce a fair share of disguts, but also shared insight. Your first stanza made me think of the state of our polity, as well, becoming the wounds of this deadly time. This piece accelerates from a collection of stark statements to a metaphysical shadowbox of ideas--well-written, and just a tad on the effectively gruesome side. Liked it much.

  11. You picked some horrific maladies there, and some of the words combinations really grabbed me and forced me to pay closer attention (I appreciate that). Necrotic is one of my favorite words (there's a story there but it's not very interesting). As someone who used to work in healthcare risk management I felt that same sense of dread when opening unusual occurrence reports (UORs like acronyms could protect us from liability). Marvelous use of language mixed in with disorientation (as you indicated was intentional). I think this is how we make art by imbuing work with the totality of experience and thought not just the refined processes.

  12. After reading your explanation I can certainly see everything you set about to express here. In part VI. the part about a rearranged point of view and shedding skins really stuck with me. I have a feeling once I go back, I'll find many more lines that pop out, but these are my first thoughts, and I thank you for sharing yours :)

  13. all of your intents were met with this reader! very mind-spinning write, Fred

  14. VII was my favorite, or perhaps by then I was used to words like rot, clot and bloat.

  15. wow Fred! many emotions elicited, the first stanza opens with such a raw and powerful sentiment, and from there you expand...I really appreciated the internal sound carving, and the way the unfamiliar words slipped into and around my mind, which happened because you used them so well...thank you for the journey..and the ending 'Blood still red. Like your own, is your own'

  16. Thanks to everyone, all of your feedback is wonderful. Really appreciate each part of each of them. It seems like more than a few found the piece a bit discomforting, which I'm happy to hear:)

    It also seems like Section VII seems to be a favorite as well- I do love the way the heading sounds here, and this piece is the product of all the others, and wraps the piece down.

    Really thrilled by the feedback, again my deepest thanks, glad so many enjoyed the piece

  17. I had a little bit of a hard time with this one then after reading your explanation went back and read it again then I saw what you were expressing so well done thanks for sharing

  18. Ann, glad you were able to go back and understand the piece. I was a bit worried about pushing the confusion and disjointedness a bit too far where all sense of meaning may be lost- Glad the explanations cleared things up for you, really glad I incorporated it now. Thanks again, glad you liked it

  19. wow all I can say EPIC loved it thank you x

  20. Experimental is right... and I like it... some poetry experiments really aren't doing much for me but yours are way out there in a good way. post post post modernist avant gardism hehe. Great stuff

  21. Kez, Really glad you enjoyed the write. Thanks for checking it out and for stopping in to say hi. Thanks again

  22. Luke, Glad you liked it. Really means a lot. Yeah, I know too well about failed poetic/writing experiments. I work in strange ways sometimes, and I do it for fun so It doesn't bother me all that much, but yeah some I read after I'm done and I'm confused lol. But some I think are pretty good and love hearing the feedback either way. But it's definitely pretty sweet when the experiments work out. Again, really glad you enjoyed the piece and thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it. Thanks again