Sunday, September 4, 2011

In Droves

Flogging my solace with your sentence
Obstructing the bridgework with a void

You’ve made so many marks
Some artificial, some with verve,
Gross in bushels, amassing a soundtrack
Stifling my scream, passionless & resigned
So much to learn, so much to gain
So many colors, so many scars of worth
So many traces, scattered blind,
If scars can be paint the body back and scabs will clean the wounds
Will the hurt dissipate, as the ego fades its bruise?

In droves you manifest- uncountable disasters and sentience quakes
Beneath backstop, under dusty grates,
Another lie of happiness, laying a fresh new paint of face
Into the aisles of Euphoria and masking tape
Out from the ashes, above that cloud so smug
Into a semblance of structure, a compost of light
If perhaps the vortex
Will swallow
As it sucks
The ripples


  1. nice..great opening line...and can feel the angst throughout...ah it usually is the ego that carries the bruise the longest...lie of happiness...ack...sucking the ripples fred...

    ok so who is it you root for? smiles.

  2. Brian, thanks, glad you enjoyed the write. Great feedback, really appreciate it. As for my allegiance, I have to admit I'm diehard as it comes. ANd the smile I'm sure means you know, but I'm not afraid to tell the world. Probably should be embarrassed though. Bills need to be paid, Bills come everyday, promise every single morn, but by dinner the price is shorn, All hope for a season of progress, quickly turns to times of dearth and despair. There's always next year, a mantra we so willingly wear, perhaps once a leader comes, then we'll have someone. So many jerseys worn have went, so much hope misspent. The ghosts of entry drafts roam the sidelines in the snow, where the promise has yet let go. Four straight we'll gladly take again, forgetting all the anxiety as it turned back then so tragically. Yet all this said in such a word I'm a Bills fan because, we'll because I am Buffalo.

    Long answer to a short question, but would anyone expect any less. I should probably copy this and use it as its own post, just kind of streamed there, not bad, not bad at all, If I do say so. Anyhow, thanks and by the way I picked up Antonio Brown in the last round of my draft yesterday, big hopes for that kid, sleeper, flyer whatever the catch phrase is this year, saw him in preseason game 3 and said damn, that kids coming home with me:)

  3. "Will the hurt dissipate, as the ego fades its bruise?"


  4. Very nice, trying to shed the pain throughout, leaving the ego the final one to get rid of it, where it usually lies the longest for most. Damn that comment was a post in and of itself too..haha

  5. Mama, thanks for the feedback, one word does say it all sometimes, really glad you enjoyed the write:)

  6. Pat, thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the piece, I like your take, very similar to my own. Yeah kinda just kept going lol