Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bonded through Blood

A pact, birthed in home-
Goblin’s wolf, red hued white
Strands clash divides unleashed surmise

Snips of flesh, flooded flaps,
Pressed upon stranger’s touch
Textured, both-errs, where tethered claw disengages past

Change in sky, blue to black
A piercing aura, frosting pine,
Distracts the tint of orange set aback

A growth emerged, where paths mingle
And a new skin forms in tone-
A layered coat atop the self’s repressive ghost

A gathering of clans-infields of pine
Tradition bears the awaken bell-
As screams arise from guttural tombs

Gullets blanket dressed in starvation
Nervous strands a prickled lift
As pungency is detected nigh

Blessed fangs, draped in hues
What once is fresh as red
Eventually grows pink in stain

Doused in dampened soil
Sunken claws at peace in moistened land
Head cricked-jaw bent-eyes high

The swarming sense of frothing glands
Shuttered sweat shimmers jade
Composites of: adrenalin and envy

Soon the circle forms,
Sharpest blades posture compass points
As youth and old aide in fight

The enemy
In its surround

And then incisors flare,
The cast of ruby alive afloat
Confirms the predator knew not the game it sought

Masks covered in parts unknown
Bone shards shiver, fragmented fie
Rites of passage fade now the scars

Fostered three, taken to
Souls once rigid bend their arms, acceptingly
All tales once told-beneath silk cloth linen sheets-
Horror painted accurately- yet those yarns disregarded
The bond in blood, bound by oaths never said- focal points
Always been- one and one alone- family fights for family- where slain lay- another weeps, and cherishes how they left, in order for them to fly.

Swollen images- once viewed on horror nights
No longer engulf terror into me, instead
I see a picture of beautiful harmony. 

Blood is in everything. 

When I started this piece I had the grand design of anagrams in mind.  The first few stanzas, highlighted in bold, are indicative of the direction I had hoped for.  Yet, weaving two separate tales in one, trying to find the words that would be correct for both, never spoke their voices to my ears.  If they did I certainly didn’t hear them.  The research could have been done, but I have to say I like what came out in the original stance’s place.  I was able to harness the idea I had in mind, as the underlying story I was initially shooting for, which I suppose is the one that wanted to be told.  The other, well, perhaps another day.


  1. Yes, blood is in everything. This sounds like quite the battle. Reminded me of a pack of wolves. Very vivid imagery Fred~!

  2. fascinating the story and the opening lines where you were playing boy that would take a long time....your use of language is impressive as you build the story...i like fred...

  3. Daydreamer, Thanks, glad you enjoyed the write. Didn't turn out the way I had initially set course for, but I like where it went. The other way would have taken way too long, and after I thought about it, it would have taken perhaps longer for the reader to spend deciphering, but who knows, maybe one day. Thanks again, really appreciate your feedback

    I actually just reread it, and I was much more graphic that I thought I was, so that actually surprised me a bit.

    Brian, thanks, really appreciate your words. You know, sometimes I find it easier to just write a tale in prose, which you'd think it would be easier poetically- I don't know, maybe it's just me. Glad you enjoyed the write, thanks again

  4. Hi Fred! Thought I'd stop by and pay you a visit! Very nice site!

    "Bonded through Blood," is an exquisitely woven tapestry that I found bringing all the imagery of the story to my mind!

    ...and I loved this:

    "Change in sky, blue to black
    A piercing aura, frosting pine,
    Distracts the tint of orange set aback."

    Yup, "Blood is in everything!" Interestingly, I bumped across something that someone had written a while back about 'oil' being the 'blood' of the Earth. Many of the ancients felt the Earth was alive in a sense that our species could not comprehend...and the pillaging this species has done to the planet and itself is irreparable.

    But, there is always hope!

    Take gentle care,
    Roger ☺

  5. Roger, Thanks for stopping by. Really enjoy your site, and greatly appreciate your feedback. The idea of the oil/blood comparison is really cool. I never heard that before but really like the connection and agree. Glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks again

  6. This one really does boil the blood and yes it is everything to most life. Unless your a plant, then you can laugh and rant, at the dumb humans needing blood, falling over dead with a thud, while you stand there all green, making a scene. Went off on a side note there, sure you don't care. Love the graphic nature of it and the anagram stuff would make me have a fit.

  7. I'm kinda grateful it isn't made up of anagrams. :) (Not very good at those.)

    Something very tribal and in a fantasy-like mood. I see an evolution, of fierce spirits going to a state of rest, but that are stirred up when faced with a common enemy. The 'predator does not expect the ones it is after to be united and to be so dangerous. Those old "fangs" which had not been in used are still as sharp as ever! A very bloody battle is described, but yes a picture in harmony because of the unity. It's not a comfortable thought, but sometimes it is only in such situation and common terror, violent experiences, blood spilled that bonds are stronger.

    This would be awesome to read by campfire, I think.

  8. Pat, thanks, nice touch upon the plants- Of course the side note is fine, really seems like I may be the only one that likes Anagrams- They're fun- and I thought for sure you'd be into them, but anyhow, glad you liked the piece and thanks for the feedback as usual

    Raven, Another giving no love to the anagram:) I love your feedback here and this take is great, the predator unexpected is a great take. As usual you seem to get my work. Glad you enjoyed the write- and might be a good campfire tale- but not too many days left for that, at least round here. Thanks again

  9. I love that last line Fred powerful. I wish I'd thought of it myself. I love the imagery and your word choices and combinations the way it reads and the presence of the piece.

  10. Oh you are right I'm into the anagram stuff and loved the use of them, they just make me have a fit doing them sometimes, especailly with rhymes..haha

  11. You're right they can cause many fits, hissy and the like lol. They are fun, but cause misday to even the creator of one

  12. haha caught that one too, now you got me wanting to do a post with them, oh the pain this will bring..haha

  13. Oh my, what have I invoked here-lol The cat will take that anagram ball and I can see a few somebody's comments already- a combination of flappy and Beyonder indeed. Actually, It's weird I had this idea for the cat- Kind of a relapse back, before It's Rhyme Time was titled, and Orlin is sitting around, devising titles in rhyme- lots of angles to play with that. Anyhow, don't know why or where that thought came from, to be, but it did so I said I'd reply this info to thee. And yeah, the pain will come, but won't it be fun once it's been brought and done:)