Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Compendium of Mythical Relevance

To float, upon unsettled waves,
Preconceived waters; set for unholy gains
Trim cuticles tight and neat,
Feed not this ghastly vessel,
Delay if possible the inevitable blight

In stifling eras as ride near
Faces linger front the mirror
Ponder the lantern
Dwell into light
Limbs grow numb
Nectar sours on tongue
As weight rues what’s been done

To the southern gap
Walled flame ignites abyss
As burning giants
Prepare their engulf soon

Upon throne; a view of all
Despite who holds such eyes
Perilous visions transpose sight
Into temple rock
Varnish bronzed walks
Dancing Kali tramples on
Of the four which two are worth more?

But this is of a different sphere
A return to where life is cruel

Born bastard left to ripen full
Cast to depths unseen
It’s abandonment circumferences
Until a hammer drives the nail
Yet venom flows just as well

From the dragon’s spring
Floods twelve to southern rocked shore

Oh, the futility of messengers brought
To infernal tracks best left unbeknownst

Kin to wolf and same to serpent
Nine abodes predetermined
From old age to punishment
A den of sleet, a hall delayed
Hel hath no fury like forbidding death

A refusal to reveal
The treasures mark on mapping clear
Into pit of bellied beasts
All entranced by harping sound
Except the deaf snake that unveils eternal sleep

It is told that cat’s paws and spit of bird
When mixed with stone’s root and a female beard
Blind the snarling of fanged teeth

By fathers spell Brynhild sleeps to wake
To live as mortal that must be won
Three trials tricked in swerve
To which uncovering deceitfulness
Offers but the penalty of death

Swan rider.  Seated upon.  A senior of the triad he,
With beads, scepter, bow and scripture
Not an arm was free.
But again, a different song this belongs

The most pretty tricked
Fulfilling the unfortunate dream
Where all living things would not weep
Thus refusing the beautiful ones release

A Dwarf’s ring
Betrothed and cursed
“ To no lord let it bring gain, and let murder ever follow it until I hold it in my hand again” 
A warning sent, returned in vain

Oh, what a wicked web
A broken rainbow often weaves…

 I went all mythical again today. Go figure.  Anyhow pretty much the entire piece is Norse except for a couple of stanzas added for a reason.


  1. Noticed the Norse aspect, admit I'm not up on Norse mythology as much though. Besides the obvious thor and odin stuff. Great wordplay love how you spun the spell. But cat paws and having the spit of a bird haha backwards, Orlin won't forgive you for that..hahaha. Great story and pace to the piece too.

  2. Ha, Ha, Tell Orlin not to be alarmed, those lines refer to the story of the magic skein that was wove by Dwarves in order to trap Fenrir the wolf. The skein was said to have been created by using the sound of a cat's footsteps, the roots of stones, the beards of women and the spittle of birds. I love all the subspecies and creatures in mythology, and Norse happens to by my favorite. Giants are probably my favorite within, but Dwarves probably a close second. Loki, Thor and Odin though, seem to get involved in the majority of the tales, but there are so many underneath and lesser known that are fairly amusing if not pretty cool.

  3. ha - i enjoyed your mythical excursion..great word choice fred and some intriguing's pawn and bird's spit...ugh...the female beard made me that you capture the myth with a twinkling eye..

  4. Claudia, thanks really glad you enjoyed the mythical piece. I love myths and try incorporating bits here and there throughout my work, in a variety of ways, some just happen to be much more obvious than others. Thanks again, really appreciate your feedback:)