Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goblin Suppressed

Pointed toward the rotting eave, a child of magic came to me.
With eyes as pure as the moon-lamps glow
He had questions he needed the answers to
Father, for lack of cruelty to break so young a heart, How could I tell him such a tale
Unwanted, left adjacent to cat’s dish and disposed meals
Too young to know the difference
Therefore he became the son, I didn’t earn, I hadn’t won
Only fortune blessed to me
Only hope of family
For a Goblin dwelling in a land of Jin

Soon he would tell the difference
Suppress forever I cannot,
By such a time, I can only hope love’s light has cast
An immovable bond of love and loyalty
Until such a time
I must educate and make the choices for him

“Father, why do we hide away?”
“Father, what are we hiding from?”

And so, without knowing the reason why,
I replied without summating facts or weaving lies as truth

In so I spoke and said:

There is a place, oft enjoyed, oft abused.
There is a sojourn, one may take, one must make.
There is a harbinger in wait.
There are harpies, flying beside fate.
Gemini’s claustrophobia ensues.
Vigilance of patricidal commentary
Cars rambling to and fro
Aiming to avoid
Collide you must.

There are tactile reminders, of yore, as décor.
There are remnants, scattered about worn trace, spasms in dust wake.
There are echoes, voiceovers barrage and take, the meanings of the collage they make.

There is a place, oft asleep, oft awake in sleep.
There is a sentry, on-guard, protecting the gates.
There are faeries, sifting through the cracks.
Filing through cellulose siphoned knots
Liaisons corroborate
Dial plots for a middling day
Ambition in a time of duress
Closure, once promised to those at rest


  1. Never saw faeries spelled like that before, added a nice touch of mystery to it. You had tons of fantasy elements, love it. The harpy was great. I also really liked the "gemini's claustrophobia ensues" line. "land of Jin" sounds so familiar too, just can't place where I heard it before.

  2. ha...some great word play and wicked flow...why do goblins have to hide away...son, let me tell you they just dont understand us...

  3. Pat, yeah It's a variance of speeling, it's used a lot in mythological text. Yeah really does have a fantasy element. Kind of went astray to a point. My original intention was to focus on an adopted son growing up in an environment much different than what he would have been accustomed to, had he grown up with his own kind. I wanted to include some obvious messages, how it doesn't matter who you live with, what you look like and so forth as long as those you're with love and care for you. Some other messages in between. Obvious questions would arise in the youngster as he got older. That type of thing. The fantasy kind of took over the piece, but some times pieces take on their own idea. Yet I did keep some of the original idea in here, which i'm pleased with.

    Thanks again, glad you enjoyed it. And oh, Jin are a type of spirit, oftentimes spelled D'jinn or jinn, but I've seen it spelled this way as well. Middle eastern myths mainly, yet as with most myth, the concept appears in others as well, with other names too. Picture the old Angel/devil on your shoulder swaying you to do good or bad concept

  4. Brian, thanks. Thats a good line, Goblins are so often stereotyped, and is partially why I chose them for here once the fantasy element took over. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it

  5. Ahh yes. Weren't they some sort of genie type too? I think I remember an x-files episode where genie's were called d'jinn or something to that affect. But they were bad and not at all the three wish things western culture made them out to be.

  6. Yep, there are some tales that have them as genies too. What I love about myths and folk lore is how things are pretty consistent for the most part, yet can also each have their own take, depending upon what the storyteller is trying to spin