Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look on the Bright Side

Woes be gone
Ills forgotten
Accept love
Invite elation

When all days travel
A repeating trail
Welcome disruption
Through familiar doors

Break loose from your shackling
Hammer chains that concrete limbs
Unhinge inhibition’s latches free
Opening the lines of possibility

Vanquish the screams of constraint
With a touch of silence awakened
Then in-waves flow most fluidly
Voices of hope intrinsically

Relinquish sorrow
And do the same for scars
If not this eve, then the ‘morrow
Implode sadness into shards

Ovate the tidings that are good
As bless lucks those who would
Inaugurate bliss-filled brightness
Putting demon’s shadows down to rest

Unholy occupation of life’s lease
Take your leave now; Abandon me
As I invoke the spirit’s light
To carry me through darkened nights

Alive, we must tread each day
Lest fear shall possess our frame


  1. Very true, even though life can be a pain in the butt, more often than not. It can always be worse. Not all that easy remaining positive sometimes, especailly with annoying people around..haha..but we must try or just be miserable.

  2. kind of like "walk on" by U2...i think sorrow can be particularly debilitating...the death of someone close can throw a black cloud over a life faster than anything...

  3. Yeah, just felt like writing something overtly positive yesterday, and so this is what I came up with. Totally agree, sorrow can and is debilitating and tough to move away from. Remaining positive really is an effort, one I normally fail miserably at, lol You know, I never thought of that, but yeah, a bit like Walk on, nice

  4. I like this read and esp. Alive we must tread each day...and I had never heard Walk On, before so can you say WO.