Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Useful Things

Atop curbside discard
Sifting tops of steel,
Brown hands,
In search of useful things

Avenues of lust-
Simple now, so simple it became
Once the hindrance of vanity
Emptied out its shame

Boulevards of luck-
Its so easy now, how easy it became
Once the hindsight resets
Pictures fall from broken frames

If only it was known back then
Perhaps possibility wouldn’t have hoodwinked sense,

Who knew?
That trusting those elected few
Would set you up to fail
The way society did for you
Who knew?

Back and forth,
You pace I see, in similar ways as me
Is it the cold, or unknowing that you fear the most?

Your pride lets you smile
As your bearded mouth smiles crooked
One corner to the grime
Then other to the sky

I asked if you wish it all back
 To the stars you tilt neck in haste
Pausing in the marinade you taste upon your tongue
“ And be removed from all of this,” in a tone I wish I didn’t know, “Hell no I’d rather die”

In ragged dress
All possessions carried with
Yet but one’s all you seem to care for
A locket’s caress-
From clavicle to chest,
Dangling but shining still
Those faces you once kissed,
Tucked asleep in bend, told stories
That made everything wrong,
Seem special still

But that was back
When you lived
And were one
Of the useful things 

Brian got me thinking about doing right by others.  He put together a wonderful write about the sex trade and was hosting Poetry Jam this week, with Awareness Poetry as the theme.  Well this type of thing is something I strongly believe in.  Well anyhow, It was one of those things, when you want to write something, with a particular idea in mind, but nothing comes from it.  Other ideas certainly surface, but the one you want to arise, just wasn't happening.  So, as is normally the case, forget it and it shall quit playing the hide-and-seek game.  As was the case here.  So I thought it appropriate to use as my submission for The D'Verse Open Link Night. Cheers!!


  1. Yes a shame such ugly crap still is around in this day in age. But no matter what there will always be such greed ridden and/or rotten people. Great write, direct and it works.

  2. smiles. you deftly hit some key topics in this...glad you forgot it so it could come...smiles. i like to hang with the homeless...give them an ear...hear their stories...do what i can...

  3. Some strong images here and a good sense of the sound of language.

  4. Fred! This is fantastic...love the smooth flow of the rhyme and the word play...and yes, I am all for awareness poetry. I think we have underestimated the power of our voices far too long, and with them combined in harmony, throughout our communities...we realize just how much strength there is in numbers. Bravo Poet...and Happy OpenLinkNight!

  5. cool poetry ...thank you for sharing x

  6. Thanks all. Helping others in whatever ways we can is something extremely important to me. Although I am not in a situation to do much other than write or state my mind about things, there's a great admiration I have for those who can and do help in many other ways. There is WAY too much injustice and flaws that "govern" people, where I seriously question, irregardless of political identities, what really is the motive, is it altruistic or is their an ulterior behind the words. Anyhow, yeah I've had my opportunities to help when I was in a position to do such, way back when, and I didn't, I blew my resources on partying and so forth, and today I find I think of the world much differently than I did back when the glasses were firmly around my eyes, tinted to the point I couldn't see above me. I find it ironic that now that my mind has turned face, that I'm not in the position to do what I deem right. Anyhow, again, i have great respect and admiration for all those that help others. And not to pimp out this comment box but this is one of the reasons I'm incredibly honored and proud to be a part of Inspiration Speaks, as it shows that good things can come, despite conditions amongst.

    Anyway, thanks for the listen. Really glad you all enjoyed the write, and Pat, true words spoken as is the norm with your feedback, Tash, the power that I've heard you speaking about for awhile now, where at first I thought yeah, but we're just poets, well now I see what you meant, and yeah-power can be a good thing:) Brian- Cheers for all you do. Thanks again all, appreciate the visits and such:)

  7. i like this a lot fred...just lately thought about possessions as well and how one get tied to them and how they make us unable to move in certain directions...good to have a bed to sleep in though... sensitively penned

  8. Thanks Claudia, glad you enjoyed it. I completely agree with you, thanks:)

  9. Great line: "Perhaps possibility wouldn’t have hoodwinked sense" ~safehousepoetry.wordpress.com

  10. thoughtful and powerful poem Fred - sincerity goes a long way when writing on something so serious- a great example - good going
    I struggle with awareness poetry because of my idiosyncratic style - i worry about doing justice to the topic.

    fine ideas

  11. A reminder towards the end emphasizes that this used to be someone who had more than just rags, she had a life and people that she cherished, and she wasn't alone. One wonders what happen to those connections...

  12. I did a lot of work with people experiencing homelessness and poverty when I worked in nonprofits. This is a strong, humane poem, with not a hint of explotation, and that makes it capable of contributing to social justice, thank you.

  13. Anonymous, thanks for the visit, and glad you enjoyed it, will visit your site soon.

    Arron, thanks for the feedback, it is rather tough for me as well, not talking in code, puzzles and symbols. Glad you enjoyed the piece, doing justice is always a concern, and I have several heavy topic pieces that without revision will never make it out of my computer or notebooks for that very reason. Thanks again

    Raven, thanks and as always, appreciate the feedback. That last note is something I wondered about as well. I had a few stanzas explaining the situation as I saw it, but thought it better to leave it open ended.

    Chroma, thanks and I admire you for that for sure. It's important as for, well our species really, to help one another the best we're able to. Really glad you enjoyed the write, and I take those compliments to heart, they really mean a lot. Thanks again