Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cascading Heart

Bass-lines, pulsing from
Neon tethered, hope-knit gloves
A patchwork orange the heart built broke
Blisses ‘til love’s touch turns numb

Darkest phlegm’s potent stir
Wheezing astral-fire’s into whir
A clever diagram the heart provoked
Tempting ‘til love’s dream turns a blur

Primitive and primal
Only purpose survival
Softest net, mesh revoked
Yet what, when departs denial

Unearthed spasm’s floating trip
Clutches, grabs, pulls and grips
Shadows tense, abut vanity’s throat
Coupled-over, ‘til love’s seams firmly rip

Tested, time and again
Circling orbits with lack defense
Silence prods, the peering coaxed
Bludgeoned ‘til love’s armor mends

Blitzed in-waves
Retreats delay
The stutter evokes
Whispers, ‘til love cascades


  1. Yes things such a feeling can do. Can be good, can be bad and can just be a pain in the rear end. I've had more experience with the later..haha..nice write as always, "Unearthed spasm’s floating trip" great line.

  2. Thanks Pat, glad you liked it. I hear you, although I thought I cornered the market on pain in rear experiences lol Thanks again