Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Necklace

Vein-glass tyranny and twine
Twinkling harbors ripped from mind
Jocular and permissive thought
Vocalizing what went wrought

Iron siding capsized veil
Shifting sentimental swells
From cape regret to faded plain
Broaching topical hearts retained

The various shattered arches
From architects and draftsmen
Where blueprints bend and turn
With each ell unnerved

Cyanide for the postured
Loquacious and ascertained
Clumsily shifting of foot to foot
Via the swaying capture of arm in arm
Benign are the volitions
Deadly are the canapés
Pursed lips are lost
As eyes
Caper across
The necklace
She never
Had the opportunity to wear

And moist
You wander
Yet fail to flinch
As words internal
Float above your silent surroundings
“She would have made you sparkle”
As a glimmer escaped his lips.


  1. Great images here.. you write from the heart ~

  2. THanks Heaven, I try to sometimes and typically like what comes from it when I do. Really glad you enjoyed it

  3. haha payback I see. I had to go look up a few words this time. Really descriptive moment captured, like the 'clumsy shifting of foot to foot" that one just stuck with me. As usual great piece.

    Oh and yeah on my blogroll the last one showing is Jungles too, just so you know. Guess blogger doesn't like you anymore..haha

  4. Yeah they probably said, oh well there's a glitch,, but he's just a poet so who cares lol Glad you enjoyed this piece, really came out of nowhere, which I've found typically become some of my favorite pieces personally. Anyhow yeah, I'm going to have to figure out how to fix that blogger glitch, dunno how though

  5. I really enjoyed this one...haha finally free from my political rant. Surprised to see that you have been writing everyday day as my link did not update beyond jungles. Blogger may have it out for you...I'm on the case. Really great write though, very the imagery.

  6. Thanks Randy, I have no idea why the blog updates aren't taking place, I just checked my blogroll and it's that way for a couple people, including you. I had no idea since I always check your site out through the bookmarking. ANyhow I've put a request in, when they tell me what's happened I'll let you know. Thanks again, really glad you liked the write.