Saturday, August 20, 2011

Red Act

Sleepers remained camped to lash
As bathrobes enchant the days first aired flash

Pause in turn above we glance
Notice cloudy circumvention
Stemming from spots cirrus bare
To which the void first appeared

From the vagueness of the swallowed sky
Motion churns the canvas’ coat
With violet-blues and blackened smoke

Piercing fangs covet air
As the horned skull rapes the day
With orange-red hued vapid screams
Alter opinion upon each verse
Eyes of man lock intense, as frames fill frozen scared

Prehistoric veins unlock jaw
Redacting fear to defend frame
Singeing blue a bright-lit red
Demonic howls rush from its mythic head
Talon clutches to scaled chest
Something unfamiliar, it seems
Is greater still, than flames raping the morning air

Moments pass without vision of torch-lit tongue
Further pause reveals rapid nostril flare
Sun stands shadowed
As wings fail to tread
Although a blessing most would claim
Spiral down the dragon does,
Bobbing futile at such descent
A sprinkled lawn was too much the match
As impact crushed the ancient’s head
Evening by-line aptly named: Another myth, by man, slain.


  1. Another wonderful piece on dragon lore, really encompassed all aspects into the piece and then brought about the crushing blow at the end. Always interested in dragons, even going to work them into my book sequel a bit haha

  2. That's quite a vision. A dramatic scene of a dragon coming out of the clouds and its demise. If I saw that by-line running across on the news, I'm not exactly sure how we did it, but I would believe it.

  3. Pat, thanks, glad you enjoyed the piece. Yeah I guess I'm doing a pretty terrible job covering up my love of all things fantasy, lol. I don't think you can really go wrong adding dragons into any kind of story, well maybe not some, but you get my point. Thanks again

  4. Raven, Thanks, glad you enjoyed the right. It would be a byline to remember for sure. I really enjoy tales and stories of creatures and have always been fascinated by dragons, in all the spectacle of sight but also the metaphors associated with them as well. Thanks again