Monday, August 22, 2011

Forgotten Elegies

Candor spits upon
Darkest, deadly wrongs

Inducing the safest quays
Through pirouetting spells
         And all would work so well
         If but the spin hadn’t spun
Betrayal’s pivoted grin
An opening for
The awakening of triggers in

Pungent whiskered growls
Hunting in our sleep
Uncovering secrets buried
-Those burdens we all keep

Underneath and deep below
The many layers we’ve built onto

Yet despite our blind eye closed
Forgotten elegies still play
Their mournful, melancholic suites of song


  1. "Blind eye closed" that was great, love how that play off itself so well. Secrets we all have we like to keep, or at least think we are keeping, when some already know.

  2. Pat and Mama, glad you both enjoyed the piece. Thanks so much for the visits, really appreciate them:)

  3. Seaside, thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed the write