Monday, August 29, 2011

Mercenaries, Missionaries and Assassins

The difference between mercenaries and missionaries, may seem like opposites in most of every way, yet, the difference may be smaller still, perhaps even blurred.

The Mercenary puts targets out of misery.  They are paid to end, or prevent, the misery that their souls would or have expensed.

The Missionary aims to convert others.  Under a cloak of religious acts, they seek to take those traveling on weed-filled paths, and move them to the sand beneath their sun.  But when a closer look is done, it appears they just want company to share misery upon.

I suppose Assassins can be dissected too.  Yet they are more like Missionaries than Mercenaries can ever close to come.  Despite the pay, they truly believe in the righteousness of what the do and what they’ve done.


  1. Interesting comparison for sure. Although I'd be scare if the assassin knocked at my door..haha. They are a tad different than the other two, unless their righteous and believe they only kill bad people or something. But the other two can be out of righteousness or some sort of greed as always, sometimes don't know which one is worse.

  2. Thanks Pat, Yeah This was just something I had been jotting down from a few books I'd been looking at and side by side I realized the 3 have a lot in common, much more than one would suspect. Obviously the missionaries are looked on more favorably though lol

  3. I get the sense that missionaries would hire mercenaries and assassins to do their dirty work of getting rid of those who get in the way or who refuse to convert. Assassin are a subset of mercenaries, more specialized; they are both for hire. Interesting post.

  4. Raven, that's a great take. Some missionaries probably would make contracts with mercenaries/assassins. Glad you liked the piece and thanks for consistently offering feedback, really appreciate it:)