Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slyest Angels

Slyest angel, jargon filled
Coyest charmer, lacking skills
Composite, markers, angles spoke
Victims, villains, imposter’s throats
Smoke rings ruffling daytime clouds
Vixen vexing humid as she prowls
Above the tempest ceiling’s rail
Into and below the crimson chromed gates of hell
Violins strumming clean, as tendons blister auburn hues
Chords of riptides lost and flexed
Gyration scurries calf to thigh
Stopping only momentarily
Waiting for the auxillary
Of ladies in powder blue
Tending to every need in you
Chuckles emanate the ballroom floor
You treat them all like they’re the world
But your insides speak a different language broad
Shuttering your dependency and hatred thereof

Gray, sky posters
Cluttering the endless roof
Op art and all the pleasures they once took
Suffragettes and hounds of hell
Static commerce in a sprawled out score,
Unnerved, maleficent probes backstabbing all
Sky, corrosive and toxic rust
Vaccinations from man we must
Token visits under pop-up tents
Camouflage décor with a must infused, pervasive scent
Climbing the ivy’s untrimmed weeds
We walk with bandanas across our arms
Shrugging off the poison’s rash, understanding,
After the fever, the flush floods fast
Salt-water, taffy-tailed, crumbles bleu barrage the veil
Company wisdom out set free
Determined, determining
The damage destined to deride all indoctrinations inside me
Hallowed, holes of hubris boiled burnt
Hillside shadows repent and storm
Up the valance to the victory
Poles so dimpled they reveal
The slippery slope we glide so well

Girders and graphite composed, unite
Connecting the connections annexed by breeze
Utopian, dystopia cancers greed
Vigilant and velvety, bronze-plated Cro-Magnons walk skeletally
Verve and vim, lanky thin, corroborating all at stake
In the honored awe of horror’s pace,
A horrid aberration sparks distaste
And vows, in sooty dictation, a devotional to all that misplaced
Groggy yet winding free, as bones tear joints apart to breast
Chickpea tags alongside triggered flags
The king of grim has arose to replace
All the automatons’ displeasing fates
A little pocus hocus, clearly entitled yet obviously subsided
Ollie-Ollie oxen freeze, the frames been altered with a blurring haze
Shadow vaults of trapeze glee, glossing focus out of sync
Traversing damage to its unyielding groping grasp of grip
V-formation, wedge redone
Casper’s hands sticks to none
Reverse the history viewed by some
Temperamental thoughts rewound
Across the ledges, streams and towns
Throughout the vistas, villas ground
Operations either win or don’t
Water can sustain a man, or else he drowns
Cribbage board without pegs
Last to stand wins the rest, of whoever’s left to be
Still surviving this rigidness
Of roaming rovers stretching gait,
Across these halls so labyrinthine
Celestially endeavors plumb
Under some horned daemons’ caustic thumb

Fire melts ice
Ice brings forth the frost
Triage filled and roads succumb
To gravity undone and hearts yet won

Enabling the furor to flow
Disabling the hammer before the blow
If hate has an avatar
I believe it has a lot to weigh
As he picks the image to resemble itself such

Thunder ambles overhead
Through the dusty rise of curves
Pollination all it’s staid
Casanova to the dead
Reigning theorized dramatic tension’s breath
Breathing in the vapors of its own steam
Borrowing the will of man
To crutch a hold of its own arm
Reins pulled as approach nears nil
Lulled to bed as washboards scratch
Undo pressure where it lacks
Silken skin worn
Much different than how the worms had warned
So many typesets, so much variance
To choose, to address, to play, to toy
To tease, in any manner that gets it to the place it loves
To the sidewinding afterthoughts allowed in dreams but not in thought
Away goes the zombie
Out, passaged via
Carnivorous appalling creature yet inked a name
Flares aside each boundary
It covets the entirety
Of a world composed by blending skies
Where the slyest angels rest
In marble, yet their eyes spread the jargon still


  1. That was very truth bearing. So many but on their fake face and yap crap that bull all day long. Toxic and villians and everything in between. Great word drops in the piece!

  2. on one level this is fascinating...on another terrifying...from angels to zombies...some weird intimacy along the way...smiles...dang who hit the cribbage pegs....

  3. still not getting your updates for some reason...

  4. Thanks guys, yeah i'm at a loss right now, can't figure out why google doesn't even choose to acknowledge my problem, at least shoot me an email back saying they'll look into it.

    Really glad you guys like this piece, it was just a draining streaming session and I liked the way it kind of stayed focused for the most part. there is a terrifying aspect in here as well, I agree Brian.

    Pat, yeah way too many villains out there. Way too many

    Thanks again