Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Synchronized Utopian Idyll

It was a dynamic inquisition,
Without a single word misspoken,
It was a dynamic synchronization,
Where not a word went unspoken,

                       Inspiration doused me full,
                       Caressed me and kept me still,
                       Drenched head to toe,
                       But in the end, not a soul would even know

It was a dynamic inquisition,
Without those awkward moments of intervention,
Not an abstraction spun; not a vice untouched,
It was a masterful interjection,
Where only a pause disconnected being from breathing
Where only the pause separated hear from here,

As time progressed
I felt red to have previously guessed
Things would’ve gone differently than they would,
Thinking there’d be an intense transition
As I waited for the lies to come
     But they never came, nor ever could
     Not a lining torn or a truth made of elastic
     It was the deepest of revelations
     As each question produced an answer,
     Where each sound to slip away beneath parched tongue,
     The more it continued, a voiceless man I therein became
And you somehow understood, you somehow understood things about me, that even I couldn’t comprehend
                  To have been given so much respect
                  From someone I could not have ever known
                  To have been treated like an equal,
                  From someone filled with so much devotion
                  Giving me the honor of unparalleled recognition
                  Those words, those words—
Could only serve as stones—thrown
Across such stillness—skipping forever on and on and on—
Until we each found our Om
In whatever it was
That circumstance just happened to have
In this space most precariously spun.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Something's Hidden

Away from the wrested stone
A jewel etches its image upon

Where it was and what it never could

Be, to fathom’s length, I bestow
Whistled meanderings, delivered far, unto
A crested portico of everlasting sights unknown

The fantasy’s off-balance whereas
The congruency paints vivid premonition

Vacating the probable,
Forever residing

scarcely in-between