Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goblin Suppressed

Pointed toward the rotting eave, a child of magic came to me.
With eyes as pure as the moon-lamps glow
He had questions he needed the answers to
Father, for lack of cruelty to break so young a heart, How could I tell him such a tale
Unwanted, left adjacent to cat’s dish and disposed meals
Too young to know the difference
Therefore he became the son, I didn’t earn, I hadn’t won
Only fortune blessed to me
Only hope of family
For a Goblin dwelling in a land of Jin

Soon he would tell the difference
Suppress forever I cannot,
By such a time, I can only hope love’s light has cast
An immovable bond of love and loyalty
Until such a time
I must educate and make the choices for him

“Father, why do we hide away?”
“Father, what are we hiding from?”

And so, without knowing the reason why,
I replied without summating facts or weaving lies as truth

In so I spoke and said:

There is a place, oft enjoyed, oft abused.
There is a sojourn, one may take, one must make.
There is a harbinger in wait.
There are harpies, flying beside fate.
Gemini’s claustrophobia ensues.
Vigilance of patricidal commentary
Cars rambling to and fro
Aiming to avoid
Collide you must.

There are tactile reminders, of yore, as décor.
There are remnants, scattered about worn trace, spasms in dust wake.
There are echoes, voiceovers barrage and take, the meanings of the collage they make.

There is a place, oft asleep, oft awake in sleep.
There is a sentry, on-guard, protecting the gates.
There are faeries, sifting through the cracks.
Filing through cellulose siphoned knots
Liaisons corroborate
Dial plots for a middling day
Ambition in a time of duress
Closure, once promised to those at rest

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

35 Songs

1       Hear me now/and don’t forget/ I’m not the man my actions would suggest.
2.      Sometimes I’m on a case/ Sometimes I’m shooting bad dudes/ Sometimes I’m slashing their face/ Sometimes I’m looking for clues
3.      I’m going for a walk/not the after-dinner kind
4.      When I get to the bottom/ I go back to the top/ Of the slide/ Where I stop and turn around and go for a ride/ Until I get to the bottom and see you again.

5.      If I was young/ It didn’t stop you coming through
6.      Time has washed away, now I may wonder
7.      Poor Thing/ Poor Thing/ Do you have a sister?

8.      Sat down for a drink/ In her fathers favorite chair
9.      Tried to kill it all away…but I remember everything
10.    You might say no/ But I hope you mean maybe

11.    There was a fanfare blowing to the sun/ that was floating on the breeze…
12.   Float upon the waves…Float upon the waves…Float upon the waves…With nothing to return to/ But the demons in their cage
13.   Walking through the grass/ another bald next to you from the ground
14.   We can Rendezvous and hide away…Don’t you know…that we’re in paradise?

15.   Hand of fate is moving/ and the finger points to you
16.   So fragile, yet so devious…She continues to sin
17.   She lights a match/ and pretends to sleep while everything burns
18.   We just can’t pretend that lovers make amends

19.   I see a spark of light shining…I hear a young minstrel sing…of Joy and sorrow…there is a love in me raging…a joyous and magical feeling…
20.   When I’m down I make a call/ Got your number on the wall/ first it’s busy then I try again/ who’s she talking to, could it be him/ I got a number and it starts to ring/ I get excited and I start to dream…
21.   …Shove all your problems under the rug/ Then wonder where the smell came from…
22.    I play a track from your record collection/ It’s your mix; Congratulations
23.   Do you think I’m blind/ Don’t know the score/Can’t see…You wanna get high at the sky/ You’re kissing your life goodbye/ You think it’s a game/ You think it’s a game you play…
24.   And now that we’re through/ I just don’t know what to do/ I just don’t know what to do with myself/ don’t know what to do with myself…LIKE A SUMMER ROSE/ SOUTHERN RAIN/ I NEED YOU…Sweet love…Well…I don’t know what to do with myself…

25.   Do I still feel all right/ Or do I walk on by/ How do I recognize a friend/ How do I realize/ How do I read those eyes/ How do I recognize the end…  WHY AM I HERE/ WHY ARE YOU OVER THERE/ At the other end of…
26.   One by one, the pieces fall/ Tell me what it is to believe… you can tell the change by their faces…

27.   What can I do/ I’m a nervous wreck/ there are, girls everywhere/ better go and check/ I can’t tell the girl…from a whole in the ground.
28.   I’m the same as I was/ When I was six years old/ and Oh my God, I feel so damn old, I really don’t feel anything…The universe works on a math equation that never even ever really even is gonna end/ In it inspires our creations…
29.   Thanks for all you’ve shown us/ this is how we feel… Come sit next to me/ Pour yourself some tea/ Just like grandma made/ When we couldn’t buy sleep…Things were better then, once would, never again…

30.   Cause I’m a bad scene/ and there’s everyone to blame but me…
31.   Such a lonely day/ and it’s mine/ the most loneliest day of my life/ Such a lonely day/ Should be banned/ is a day that I can’t stand/ The most loneliest day of my life/ The most loneliest day of my life

32.   Love of the superstitious kind/ Running circles round my brain, when I lost my way/ I love to steal this living sting/ My hurt is someone’s dream/ I’m tired of sleeping…
33.   We bring you fantasy/ We bring you pain/ It’s your one great chance for a miracle/ Or we’ll disappear/ Never to be seen again… We bring you beautiful/ We teach you sin/ We can give you a piece of the universe/ Or we can disappear/ Never to return again…

34.   One hot angel/ One cool devil/ You’re mind on a fantasy/ living on the ecstasy/ Give it all good, give it what you got, give it all a lot/ Pick it up and move/give it to the spot….Runaway Train/Running right off the track/ Runaway Train, running right off the track…
35.   And before you know what’s hit you/ you’ve all heard my point of view/ Trash is trash/ Have I got your attention/ There’s more that you should know/ There’s more I got to mention…

       I thought I'd do something a bit different this week for Open Link Night at D'verse.  So, in fact, I did nothing.  Actually nothing original anyhow.  What I did was a job of editing, and probably quite poorly at that.   Anyhow, it's a game.  See how many you can guess.

       I set my Ipod to random and jotted down every track that came up while I was writing something yesterday.  I originally did this for an entirely different reason, which I 'm not going to get into now, nor bother doing that other thing at all.  So today I was trying to figure out something interesting for OLN.  That's when the idea came to me.  I'd go back into each of these songs and pull out a stretch of lyric and try to edit a poem together using the lyric alone.  

        When I started I wasn't sure if this exercise would last or not.  I was wondering how I'd get some of these songs to jive together.  Luckily though, after ignoring the music itself, the words were easy to play with.  It was more trouble positioning them in a poetic order than finding a continuity of theme.  

       Anyhow 35 songs, see how many you can guess.  I'm sure some will be easy for most, but there are a couple kind of obscure/genre specific.  Have fun trying to guess and let me know if you like the piece, as I've never done this exact thing before.  Have used pieces of songs within poems but never in this capacity.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tenets Entombed

Sacred cows of Idol’s gold
Enslaved a people’s tide enrapt
Sparse seas amidst arid dry’s
Splits succumb to tenets denied

A mix, a flow, a blend of blood
A tryst, a glow, a shed of salt
A rinse, in tow, a defense of fear

Beliefs deflect tablets aside
A factions face denies belief
That some words written first
Have lost hold to the thirsts of men

Neath the crypts- scarabs run
Abandoning their bandages
Wrapped to flesh aligned to bone
Jars of promise lay beside
Those possessions most important to
The astral dreams foretell the awakening
Where lies once told are put to rest
This before they’re spoke again

Mercenaries, Missionaries and Assassins

The difference between mercenaries and missionaries, may seem like opposites in most of every way, yet, the difference may be smaller still, perhaps even blurred.

The Mercenary puts targets out of misery.  They are paid to end, or prevent, the misery that their souls would or have expensed.

The Missionary aims to convert others.  Under a cloak of religious acts, they seek to take those traveling on weed-filled paths, and move them to the sand beneath their sun.  But when a closer look is done, it appears they just want company to share misery upon.

I suppose Assassins can be dissected too.  Yet they are more like Missionaries than Mercenaries can ever close to come.  Despite the pay, they truly believe in the righteousness of what the do and what they’ve done.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sometimes I like to stop and read,
The Eyes, the fabrics, the every-things
Painted forever, forward or reverse,
Atop mediums unrehearsed, where only flesh-built lines
Distinguish value apart from worth

Some days I seem to think the canvas is smooth to the touch,
Life’s dreamscapes amassing, captured and caressed, through the
Inspiration and residue, left alit in oil’s love

However, on occasion, I dwell in ferment, upon the cracks, crinkles and creasing spots and marks, fabricated by untrained, unskilled, eloping eyes of smudge.  Filaments turn awry, when prospect cold in shy. Trust becomes a victim, that’s been betrayed too many times.

Sometimes I like to listen, to the glistening silence surrounding and soothing me.  I reflect upon the imagination and on how, in some ways, the voice cannot command nearly the wisdom of such, as does the subconscious, softening yet expanding reaching for an ounce of speech.

Yet in words, written or oral, faith divides the haves and naught, proliferating profundity with every afterthought.  A dimensions sweltered passiveness, wrinkled free in smooth replay, as choruses of canticleers, come pronouncing life in bold and unique ideologies, allows the mind too focus upon the very mention of lasting thought.

Sometimes, however, it’s nice to pause.  Whereas the ferocity of globular challenges can isolate our peas within their pods, resisting the silence of mobility, created happily through mental passageways built atop prismatic beltways of implications, refusing to go slow. 

In philosophy though, when stressing the unstressed, suppressing the natural to prematurely grow, an ironing of stability becomes the blessed causality, for both the new and old.  

A subtlety of the above, a side effect, a little shove
Strangely surviving the whines and whirrs,
Comes forth a destiny none so much gave a second glance for mirth
Yet when this philosophy finally protrudes, and when the thoughts begin to stew, along comes a heated glove, ironing out the pocks and holes, smoothing out a finished touch, allowing prosperity to unfold
Upon such happenstance, it’s possible for trust to oxidize into gold.