Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Chef

Forty-nine feet
Above earth
Beneath cloud

Skeleton sides
Display innards
Empty shell

Thirty-seven yesterdays
And a decade prior from

Fully dressed that day, as it was
Brilliance went unnoticed
As the shuffling soles
Failed to see
A pressure bathing upon thee

A Quarter to the punching hour
Thoughts shifted to those thoughts of home

Nine minutes before the gates would empty
Eleven from the time the bars would close
Clocks stopped their tics
Hands deferred to soft then stopped,
 And time grew silent
Would go the message
Of the Cuckoo bird


  1. Wonderful play on time, like how you weave it in and out, different variations of it. All that time and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest..haha had to use it.

  2. beautiful imagery.
    thanks for sharing.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Pat, ha, I missed the comment here. I'll automatically publish then read the comments as I go back through the poems, but missed this. srry. Yeah the cuckoo's nest is a nice touch there, ha Glad you like the time play here, I actually began the piece a different direction, yet had that in mind, so glad it carried over, thanks again

  4. morning, thanks for the visit, glad you enjoyed the write. Thanks again, happy wednesday

  5. keep it up.

    creative piece of writing..

  6. Cello, thanks for the words of encouragement, glad you enjoyed the piece, thanks:)

  7. Well crafted piece. Easy to keep time with. Well done!

    Here is my second offering for this week:

  8. Charles, really glad you liked the piece, thanks for stopping in, really appreciate it