Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning After

The rolling riffs accost the sky
As stripes of white begin their cry
Corroding with it’s penetrating sensation
Preventing the hallucination
That you were never meant to find

Camaraderie may have lost its way
Shot glasses
Now determine the success of night
Upside down
And drained of light
Regretting the feeling
As you awake in bed

Memories assaulting lanes
While rhythm insults in waves
Pictures clear from its haze
Yet deep spots remain in fade


  1. Really enjoyed the rhyme scheme in this piece. Also yes a night like that can make one blurry, or one can make themselves blurry by refusing to open their eyes.

  2. Thanks Pat, really glad you enjoyed the piece. Yeah, i paid particular attention to the rhyme scheme here. Tried mixing the space of the rhyme about in different places. As you can tell I enjoy playing around with rhyme from time to time, and coming from THE RHYME GURU, this is high praise indeed. Thanks again