Sunday, August 7, 2011

Uneducated Bliss or (Allowing Shadow-Tainted Eyes To Filter That Which Has Been Heard)

Mystery and Melancholy of a street by Giorgio de Chirico

The trailers are all empty
The children are at play
Monstrosities and unspeakable voyeuristic veers
Churning stomach yet intoxicating are the views

Shaded passage
From east to west
Shadowed blankets
From southern alleys
To northern peak
Children play in the lighted spots

Prior to the first 

Pillars strengthening the town
Echoic symmetries
A Merger with the reality
Where teardrops, the taste of untested years

Drowning out the rhythmic patter
Of jubilant vaudevillian sound
Are the beasts unchained
Who've not been offered a choice

Fight for yourselves
Clashing steel caressing shield
The roaring travels it's way 
From coliseum to covered street

Those without entry
Those who stand guard 
Twitch as the sounds stand still
While the children are at play
knowing not the difference
between melancholy and joy
When new mysteries are but
A shrouded street away

Thanks to the D'verse crew for Open Link Night and for the art inspired prompts of Giorgio de Chirico, for without one or the other, this piece would not be here either.


  1. Are the beasts unchained
    Who've not been offered a choice...
    And what beasts they are, these words you have penned in response to this painting. I have seen so many different takes, but the images invoked, the gypsy wagon, vaudeville, coliseum, these are words that take me on an entirely new journey...exciting yet fear filled, as I dread the opening of the cages! bravo, poet!

  2. i see a contrast between circus life an children playing, which is interesting because we associate circuses with children, but really, we would want our children to have nothing to do with that lifestyle.

  3. I like "echoic symmetries" and this line

    Where teardrops, the taste of untested years

    is killer.

  4. wow...eerie feel to this...before you even said coliseum i had it in mind...and all while the children are at play makes it all the more...

  5. you captured that melancholic, disconnected and empty feeling of the pic well..and managed to fill it with some youth and joy..

  6. wow really liked this it actually made me feel I was in Italian village on a sleepy hot afternoon when children are the only ones with energy yet everything else seems muted ...thank you

  7. Really glad you all enjoyed my take on the wonderful artwork. This D'verse prompt and OLN was a whole lot of fun to come up with. I'm typically not someone that jumps on prompts and runs with it, I'll often try, don't get me wrong, but typically i'm not too pleased with the results of prompt inspired work. I will say though, in relation to prompts in general, that I do have fun composing them, just not always pleased with the results. I was happy with this one and even more so with all the great work submitted to OLN this week, really had a lot of fun reading through all the ones I did get to read, all of yours included, and the best part is there is still more there I've yet to read:) Thanks again

  8. Wow it is quite interseting how ten people can see the same image and each one has such a different take on it. Really a kind of twisted eerie feeling to the piece for sure, but of course that works well for me. Great take on the image.