Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stiletto Deep

I seem to be stiletto deep
Can’t focus, looking through
A sleep that won’t commit
Fully to functions outside
It’s fevered dormancy

Fountains frustrate the truth
Sickling out the weakest,
Pillaging through a haze
That won’t forget, that
Forgiveness must be learned,
A condition often a condition
Of itself

I seem to be stiletto deep
Can’t observe, won’t stay
Still, through a veil of damask
Lines, purporting a truism
One can never find, lost, completely lost,
Wholly, completely wholly.

And I wonder what’s the best I’m able to
And I wonder what that would cost


  1. Your last two lines really resonated with me. So difficult to get over the stuckness and to pay the prices required. k.

  2. Yeah getting stuck is quite the crap out of luck, lost in ones own state of haze as the eyes glaze. Such a feeling is a pain to get indeed. As it can't be caught only dug deeper and deeper.

  3. i have had a stilleto deep in my back...haha...Forgiveness must be learned,
    A condition often a condition
    Of itself...those are some pretty cool and deep lines brother...

  4. the reading and the reflective mood of the poem...stiletto deep is a very cool image..and there always is a price to pay...for everything... and sometimes the things that seem to be the most basic seem to cost us everything..