Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Abstractions from a Podium

A Podium voice here now stands.

Indistinct cravings inherent to salvations lost at sea
quest-honor-polished in its brandished glazing lust
contemporary trance breeds regret
I, me, here, now
suffocation on steel, impotent… and beheld by an ancient grudge

Non-exterminating organisms burrow deep the dermis cracked
weathered, after-whistle inhalations neutralize the warning tract
cry, weep, sob, tear
howl, Scream, Holler loud-lit fear

Ancient poltergeists pledge fatwas unto breathing plague
stringent corkscrew motion, violent yet otherwise vague
turning, tumbling, twisting through
grinding, tearing, bludgeoned cruel

resuscitation is not advisable


Thinly shaped rods, combat their dearest cones
as turquoise henchmen color darkly painted tones
delving far beneath, unto un-sacred sands
to hide, to beg, to wince, to steal, our pleas are lost
to no avail, without reciprocation, remorse shall script the cost

Shape shifting huntsmen,
polarizing the after-glow
waiting for humidity
and distemper to mount
their multi-angular jawbones
locking upon the carotid space of neck

As fear speaks without a word
postulating a deadly tinted verve
in that slightest space, the pause before

And so,
          obsidian parlor tricks for uncouth tweens

And they,
Don’t seem to have any problem propagandizing
And so,
         the obsolete high-grounds are still echoed
thriving and pushing, THEIR vanishing points upon
the victimless victim’s victimless victims…


A Podium voice here now rests.


  1. Now that is quite the voice, sounds like it would put me to sleep or keep me wide awake depending on the state. Do not rescitate though, that must be really dry on the go.

  2. ghosts, blood suckers and a this a political poem? smiles...

    1. haha, that kills me. But yeah, ya know, not exactly what I was thinking, but all those creatures are surely seen up at the political podiums time and again. Great comment, thanks.l