Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wolves Near

There are wolves and they are near,
Legs stiffen and
Jaws gape

This.  Always.
My first decay

Come sit with me
Here, in virtual space,
Where the sidewalk
Cracks are tarred smooth-over

Cadmium bereft
Retracting the revolving
Tongue of the spackled

Of contracts and consequence
Predictive swarms cluster forming
the shape of dream

…and as the howls echo in the distant background…I still perceive each note, as if still beating within my chest


  1. ha. it is alyays interesting how a writer when reading chooses to pace their poems...enjoyed the made me download it this time...the wolves are def there...i like that there is this space where the cracks are smoothed over and we can sit and elax...though we still hear them...smiles.

  2. Kind of like a stalking feeling as I read on. As I was awaiting the coming dawn with the creeper at my back just waiting for me to trip up so he could attack. Interesting though how sometimes we can get ourselves all worked up thanks to our imagination and let things get out of hand, once more my mind went out there thanks to your shore..haha

  3. wow this how you build up and hold the tension to an awesome closing line...

  4. Hobgoblin, thanks for visiting my milieu. I can tell by your sports affiliations you're from The Buff, as were I and my husband years back. Now we're in Madison, but don't ask me about sports!

    This poem resonates for me because of the condition of the city, the wolves for me being Byron Brown and his staff of heavy-handed, overprotective buffers from reality. But that's just me! Peace, Amy

  5. Tongue of the spackled
    String >>love this

    always enjoy the way your pieces seem to meander and convolute, but come perfectly full-circle and often bring a very relatable, universal truth or observation.

  6. Rather haunting. Love your reading of it. Conveys the feeling of something anticipated. Even as the danger seems to pass or is actually distanced, it's still as if it is near or present.