Friday, May 4, 2012

The Variance in Perceived Direction

Softened corridors
Architecturally sound
Dream of future joy

Heavy tolls oft ring
As one lilts in nonchalance
Pseudonyms etch deep
Placating tone with rhymed speech
Yanking the chords, course aligned


  1. This may be my association with words but I found it interesting how the gentleness of the SAD stanza contrasted with the activeness of the HAPPY stanza which sounds more positive but at the same time less comfortable. Very nicely done.

  2. Oh cool, glad you picked up on that. I was going for the contrast here. Great eye. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks

  3. Yeah there was a mix and match to them, as a little happy could be sad and sad could be happy, plus the rhyme just makes the cat's day as well. Just got done watching the avengers, awesome, enjoy it to did you?

    1. Yep, I thought it was pretty good. Hulk played a much larger role than I thought he would. Pretty much even really between them all though. Pretty good though overall, well worth the first day draw, and in the aft, as I did suspect, only about a handful to twenty in that premier net.

  4. I find the "architecturally sound" line just fascinating. Thought provoking.

  5. i am jealoud of you avenger watchers...i am going tomorrow....nice veiled emotion in this piece fred...i like all the music refs too....chords,etch gives the verse tangibility...