Monday, August 22, 2011

The Advancement of Sound

I’ve located a first edition, Beatles Please, Please me
That I’ll trade, for Amazing Fantasy #15
The book beloved by many, 
The one were webs first learned to fly

I took the book in fairly good
I wrapped it in polyurethane sheaths
Ensuring the quality would then keep
I took the package to a man I met back some months at Comic-con
He owned technology that would change our lives
Technology that would push our fledgling idea forward
Everything that I hope becomes
Hinges solely here upon

He saw the book and his eyes betrayed
Any chance of leverage he might have tried to play
I took far less than market value
Yet gained his trust and learned much more
The secret to dampening noise in ear
This, my friend, is that detail
The one you needed to hear

You said return with a process unveiled
So I return to you now,
With a plan I deem perfect
Perfection in precise detail
Enabling our vision legs and feet
A vision that shall take us there
In so, legends we’ll become as well

Signed: your friend Oluf’s son

Just having a little fun today.  I was thinking about all the technological advancements we've achieved as a society, and the rapid expanse taking place the past 30 or so years.  Anyhow, I thought to myself, about all those stories regarding the beginnings of these massive empires and life-changing products and inventions.  From Googles story to Apple's, to Pixar and on and on.  

There's a number of reasons for each of these and other companies successes, some much less dramatic than others, but nevertheless each case is extremely interesting, well at least I feel that way.  So I decided to make one of these stories up.  I played around with bartering systems that sometimes occur when companies bootstrap in their early days.  I thought, what would a letter look like perhaps between two of the pioneers of audio equipment.  As it turns out this particular company started back in 1925, so much of what I wrote doesn't hold any shred of believability, but in any case the premise for the piece still holds true.  

What would an early conversation look like between two people, that, through their creation(s), shaped and changed the way we do or see things today?   Anyhow it's something I find interesting and thought I'd share this write here today.


  1. Aww with the name Oluf you brought back fond memories of Rock n roll racing..haha

    It is quite interesting how something take off and others don't. Plenty of people have had better ideas than half the junk that has become a success, but it's all about how you market, who you know and MONEY! If you have the dough behind you, anything can be a success, or at least look like a success. As you could slap a billion dollars into it and make 1.1 billion, not really a success to the pocket books and this in the know, but to everyone else huge success.

    Plus all about timing, facebook had great timing, although I'd wish it would die. As did microsoft. Disney had great timing and also cared about quality, didn't just pump shit out, like they do now. Pixar had the Disney name to use, which established them and they remain top quality films, which keeps their success rate.

    Then half of it is luck too. Can you tell I think about this crap too..haha

  2. Pat, lol yeah I got that impression. Rock n' roll racing, great reference there,. Yeah I think about things like this all the time, and you've made some great points/reasons in your comment. The point about timing I didn't mention very much if at all, which is super key, and If I forgot well definitely my bad. Timing may be more important than many of the other factors when all is said and considered. Glad you enjoyed the write, thanks again