Friday, August 19, 2011

Heraldic Pause

A girth of permanence befalls the sullen
As beams persistent shine through bars
Climbers, spotted-skewed into
Chambers coerced, drift to view

An ancestry unnerves
As tomes shift apart, drifting still whilst still in hand
Sowing promiscuity with their implied art,
Atop of chiseled monuments, dull & grey-
Unable to purvey, the template of messaging, clearly on display

While sediment filches prominence,
From a once heraldic crest,
Weeds sprout, coveting wetness from thresholds lost, bereft

A gradation, burnt engrained
Engulfs the masquerader
Pinching solemnities close, into and about,
In a fraction’s grasp of logic, sensibilities curtail,
Divorcing gifted identity, the mirage has been espoused

Alert to one’s own sparseness
Mismanaged ebbs contort the face
A dalliance of ovation, in frivolities shape and sound

Symbols linger, coagulate upon
A dusty acreage vinaigrette’s prepackaged tarmac, so easily the spawn
Weathered kin unto histories
Within Sonoma’s mystery
 Where-out the laughter’s drought
Ruffled dragonfly
Too young to know any better
Soon as wings fret to fringe
Ephemeral splotches parse
A brief occupation of epiphany:
The crest is first worn inside out


  1. This one had a different vibe to it than the others, than again sorta not, harder to describe I guess, as it fit with the whole theme of evolution, can't change. But a deeper look at it I guess is what I'm trying to say, wonderful piece through and through though.

    Mulligans - yep as much as we like to do that and get to do everything over sometimes, we can't, so should make the best choice I guess, as it's all we can do.

    Prehistoric - very clever use of raptors and then flying high with them going into birds and such(if that truly did happen)

    An age or requim - awesome word play in this one, the mirrors eluded part was my favorite.

  2. Pat, this one came about because I was doing a little research on crests and heraldry in general and it got me thinking, I'm glad it sounded different, but I see your point as well. Glad you enjoyed the pieces, thanks again for the feedback, as always much appreciated