Sunday, August 7, 2011


A single script
Ink spills onto
Systematic the form, assistive the function
Instructing course of treatment before
Fingers release the tension, that pencil, pen or nib beholds

Each stroke presses through
The texture of the paper’s skin
Carving paths beneath formed flesh
Speeding or slowing, raising or lowering
Matters of balance more often than naught
Yet in some instances the cases can become
Contingencies of knowing, akin to life & death itself

The outcome from these ciphered words
The reactions that they may or may not reveal
Be it addiction or monetary confines
The costs sometimes small yet often large,
When measured against the best & poorest, of health & time,
Yet to consider the alternatives, perhaps a value cannot be set
It’s either try and move forth however rocky that path may be
Or sit idly by and watch regret accost your survivor’s seats


  1. Thank you for the visit and comments, really glad you enjoyed it

  2. Loved this one, can relate it to life or just writing a basic movie script, depending on how one takes it. P.S. last time I trust stupid blogger..missed out on a bunch.