Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Symbolic Interlude

Gravestones, agedly weathered,
Abuts a stream-
Waves non-existent, surface darkish green,
Join a shore of rock and pine

Solitude, a prerequisite for the gardener,
Sculpting land, tending time,
The harvest reaper, hems overgrowth’s expanse

Amongst serene, stately oaks
Predators and prey, together alive,
The deathly throes of arms- snipped and hewn,
Casters of shade, accosters of view

Weaving loom of the architect
Combines placard & obelisk
Offering summarized biographies

In respect, we pause in reflect,
A stir of mourning & philosophy mix to show
Division still exists- as castes built with breath
Merge to form, the segregated plots of death


  1. Think you hist most, if not all, the major points of death with this one. "segregated plots of death" was a wonderful finishing touch.

  2. "Solitude, a prerequisite for the gardener,
    Sculpting land, tending time"

    That's gorgeous.

  3. Pat, yeah I ran out of ideas, so perhaps I did touch upon them all, who knows for sure. Glad you liked it, I like it a lot as well. thanks again

    Mama, glad you enjoyed the write, thanks for visiting, much appreciated

  4. Interesting view, some do have more elaborate resting plots than others. A very peaceful and serene image of a graveyard. The gardener seems to parallel a reaper figure but not frightening, he's part of the scene very naturally.

  5. Raven, yeah the gardener is basically a mix of scenery decoration with a sense of reaper too, great catch, and I included him to add some depth to the scene at first, then added the reaper mention afterwards with that entire harvest reaper line for connectivity purposes. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks again:)