Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Voice

It's Tuesday once again.  With it comes another edition of Open Link Night over at D'Verse.  This week Joe Hesch is your host.  Stop on over to D'verse and read a wide variety of awesome poetry and even submit one of your own.

I've also linked this poem, by request (Thank you:) ) to Victoria"s Poetry Site Liv2Write2Day

A voice may sound,
Loud or soft, 
sweet or stern,

A voice may crackle
Or it might display-
Ambrosial melodies,
Taking the ear
To dreamlike states

A voice may move the room in multiform
From lugubrious intonations to thernodial tics of speech
A voice may swim the stars multitudinously far
From anapestic accentuation to dactylic steps in time

Each word blessing air
A symphony of joy-
Or an elegiac affair

Manifold interpretations abound in all things
Illustrated in history, frozen for eternity
A myriad of experience sung just so

A voice is alive, a living abstract of the being
Possessing its own mark on space entwined

A voice can fill a room

From the banality of an office-
Where prosaic diction inflect with hackneyed tone,
While the sedulously spoken workaday,
Finds assiduous demeanor and quotidian pertinacity
Offers nothing outside fatigability and threadbare

To the biconcave land of the discontent
Where hearts socket in sepulchral luster
While funereal pyres singe what remains
Of a once Odic and Epical life

A voice may yaw in such strife
Sluing the dialect of ones dialectics -
Animus birthed from promissory guile,
Incurvating the path astray

Pabulum grows bromidic through chasmal chords
What first forged its corrosion through innocuous congeniality,
Has since traversed dilatable plains of platitudinous yawp,
O’er capacious terrain, multifariously expansive a course,
Past the sapid and the piquant, eradicating succulence with each noxious terraced crossed.

A voice, now writhing, in alveolated strain
Echoes in dementia’s blistered yawn,
A song is deafened by the nugatory harbingers, so very
Desperately, evacuating the tonality of mind

A voice sings, in search of homogamy
A voice, aching for propinquity
Yet the language of the song remains,
Persistently amorphic in each and every way

Concave skylines suppress the simmered sun
The voice has suffocated all proclivity-
Alive in verse, yet set to rust

A voice resigned to synchronicity of lip-
For with the jejune, voluminous wit shall do-
And the credulous will believe anything you tell them to

A voice scratched and bruised,
Disgusted by the prosperity of fools

The fatuous man is friendly
Yet knows not what his cheekbone wrinkles for

The otiose are slothful beasts
Wretchedly carnivorous
Snacking on the scraps they gladly take

The voice
One day will, again-
Find the most detectibly nectarous notes
To whet a dry mans throat

The voice
One day again, will
Embody a soothing tone
Honey syrup
Voice unchained
Now flavors
A freer air
Where sugars
Always sweet


  1. a voice so much has to say... wonderful

  2. the magic of a voice..so well captured fred...the voice is something so unique...be it the real voice or the poetic voice or the voice of art...there's sound in everything around us and everything carries also a melody...it takes a trained ear to hear...yours is..

  3. This is fantastic Fred...far too much to quote back at you...I had picked this gem ready to paste, so I shall 'To the biconcave land of the discontent
    Where hearts socket in sepulchral luster
    While funereal pyres singe what remains
    Of a once Odic and Epical life'

    But so much came after...

    Wonderful...the voice I'm hearing

  4. Oh no! Not you too. That whoopie cushion revolution is really in full bloom. All those sounds get stuck in your head and now look where you are led. haha Looks like we were in the same mind frame today, such fun sound play, you went right to town as well, another fun sounding, written, (now my fingers are yawing in such strife..haha) tale you tell.

  5. so much in a voice...we can use it to build or destroy but it depends on what lies in the heart of the one using it...nice fred.

  6. My favorite of yours - full of delectable language and perfect lines - I love it! This poem feels entirely in your voice, would have loved to hear you read it. I also appreciate what Claudia said about your trained ear. Did I mention that I adore it? I have to go read it again.

  7. I like the different perspectives and moods of the voice. It shows strongly in this post...very nice one ~

  8. the voice of many or few or one - love all of the captures you presented to us here.

  9. Interesting how this poem brings to light what everyone possesses and what it can do and what potential it has. Such a rally call this can be for all sorts of movements, and it moves.

  10. A voice can change the world...a nice write, Fred.

  11. some voices can soothes so well and others grate ...know which I prefer ...thank god everything is not monotone tho life would be so boring thank you for this wonderful exploration of something so basic beautifully written thank you x

  12. 'quotidian pertinacity'--this is far from that--a lovely rippling through all the scales of vocabulary like a practicing primadonna, and fun to read as well as making a serious point. Otiose was a new word for me, so bonus points for that. Really enjoyed this, Fred--it was a living example of how words and ideas are supposed to get together in the dance of poetry.

  13. This is quite brilliant...how you involved other senses besides hearing. I'd love to see this linked to the prompt I just posted for the sense of taste. Really well done, Fred.

  14. Your voice seems to have much to say. Well done.


  15. Thanks so much for linking to Wordsmith Wednesday!!!

  16. It's all in the tone of voice of how we will be perceived. Wonderfully creative!

  17. so true, well put.
    rich insights shared here.

  18. listen closely voices have so much to say excellent and so well done

  19. There are so many fun words in there. What a great vocabulary you pull from.

  20. I agree with Dulce...... I never realized that a voice had so much to say until I read your poem! Very imaginative and well verbalized with an almost magical vocabulary!! Well done!