Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthed By Letters, front to back

Air bubbles, carbonate. 
Dissolving emanations fracture grief.
Humor is jocularity kept light-

Most numerically optioned prompts,
Quiver righteously- Stating terrible utterances
Vigilance withstands xenoblast
Yesterday’s zenith

Zodiacal youthfulness
Xanthosis weakens violently
Unleashing trochanteric spasming
Regressing quietly- pillages omnipotent naivety

Macabre lacerations kiss
Jousting iconoclasts’ hellish gifts
Fear’s effigy darkens
Corroding beliefs allayed



  1. Backwards and forwards aren't you talented..haha...I never ever thought of doing this, you pulled it off really well. Even though I had to look a few words up. Not so sure I'm completely in tune with what it's about, but enjoyed the abc ride.

  2. Pat, Alphabet Poems are fun, but I don't post too many of them, as it's often difficult to find the right words for a few of the letters, but I liked the way this one came out, so i thought I'd roll it out. It really could have a few different interpretations, understanding is but one of them- evolution, awareness- It's really each individual stanza as it's own and they sort of, somehow link up. Glad you liked the ABC's, thanks for the feedback