Friday, October 28, 2011


I wrote a few Halloween inspired pieces today. There's this one, the one I'll post on Monday and not sure if I'll post the third one yet or not.

Pitiful Drucilla in her tattered silk
The paste has yet to dry
As crimson blushes tongue

You’re voluptuous
Sensual lines curve
Shadow tightly against

Catharsis flecks dust
From the skylines trace

Denouement’s never dreamt
Of visions so free in their finality

So fragile, senses blur first
So eager, to be plucked
Out of a lineup
Or a dumpster…
                           …If this corpse has been,
 forever stained by
                           The sin in you.


  1. Very cool a dumpster or a line-up! I like this, Fred...alot. Guess that probably says more about me than you! Happy Halloween! :)

  2. Going all Buffy The Vampire Slayer today, at least with the name play. I will have to admit though. I would much rather watch her slay the vampires than you, just so you know, you say it so well, but she was always fun to look at as she sent them back to hell..haha

  3. Is that how it feels like to be picked by this eerie creature? There's an interesting ambiguity of who is tempting who -- do the victims tempt the vamp or does the vamp tempt the victims. That's how I feel reading thinking about it for a while.