Thursday, October 13, 2011


Candor spigots icy stream
Cap frock foundry
Zeitgeist in skullduggery

Governing bodies here do stand
Knee high deep
Swimming upstream
Keep floating on

Arms gnash in the river’s thick
While colossal blusters bate id

Vile little germinating weed
Forever hungering
Atrocious soft-shelled scrag
Never plucking
Never dining

A wash, a wish, viciously swift

Rage skirts the bone
As the current calms
You’ll find yourself dead or strong


  1. At first I thought you created a character all your own. Scrag would be an interesting name for a character and as I read it would work as a description for the most part. Could give Drazin someone to bicker with, haha just where my mind went.

  2. Oh A Scrag I'm sure Drazin would like. They might even become best friends, or yeah bicker buddies, either way the Scrag's in play- but yeah, although the spell checker claims the word it does not know, it is a word, this I'm sure. Thanks for the feedback, I look forward to see the epic battle between Drazin and Scrag, a war of wit and will- I wonder who shall survive-lol