Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Pigeon

From a row of cedars,
I, the wandering cynic, am now
Watching the last of the saved
Break bread

After rite is well past overture
I stand alongside the marbled walls
To which felt so smooth,
An impression ringing surprisingly loud

Something over me,
Happened then,
And I kneeled upon
The thinnest of carpeting,
Hands then met, in that certain way,
Head tilts back,
Eyes affix, at the disjointed portraits scaling tall
That was when I heard the call

A pigeon in the upper most arching beam
It was far, but it did seem,
This bird was scared, at peace, yet alone, without direction


  1. This is lovely - I don't normally point these things out but L14 I believe you mean 'tilts'. There's an additional clue on Perfect Secrecy if you're interested.

  2. At least is was not scared enough to "you know" on you, that just would have been ewww..haha. "Head tits back" oh that brought some visuals to my gutter mind, was a great little addition that I know one prob wasn't supposed to find. One of those things where a letter taken out can mean a whole other thing, to the verse you sing. It is amazing how one can be so many things at once though, even a bird, but the cat will eat that and cure it of those fears..haha

  3. Anna/Pat- Haha, yeah it does change the meaning a tad bit-lol thanks for pointing it out, old typos gets ya every time lol
    Glad you both enjoyed the piece, for me it's pretty much about observations and states of mind- when at church you drop into a certain kind of mindset and the pigeon is not only something that distracts from yourself, but it's also a metaphor for yourself- just happening to be there when you need it. Love the feedback, thanks